Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Share Your Happiness!

Thursday, April 17 was a big day. My six-year marker as a CANCER survivor! I felt like shouting from the rooftops. I drove to work that morning and the topic on my favorite morning radio show was Happiness. I called in and got through to Val and his crew and shared my news. Click here to Check it out.

Ancora Imparo

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Happy Anniversary!

Osa Peninsula Costa Rica - Spring 2013

five is the year
the anniversary for me
from diagnosis, chemo, and lots of surgery

hair shorn 
 flowing locks
menstrual cycles 
complete paradox

first days
then weeks
now years
good health continues
to assuage our fears

love of life
love of family
love of friends so dear
thoughts, prayers, and at times a few tears

and blessed
feelings continue as a way to express

inner beauty shines
peace fills my soul
a milestone has been reached
time to set a new goal

Five years is a huge milestone that I don't take lightly as I have known far too many people whose memories now live on. 

At some point we all come to the realization that we are all going to pass on. And when your mortality is tested it leaves a permanent mark on you. For me, it's not dwelling on what could have been it's acknowledging how fragile life really is. How in the blink of an eye any situation can change. 

I continue to learn so much from this journey and will continue to do so forever. I know that I could not have done it alone. I am so grateful to have the constant support from my incredible husband and our wonderful son as well as our family and friends. 

I am truly blessed to have my health and to be lucky enough to have reached this day. Here's to the next five years. 

Ancora Imparo

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Gentle Reminder

Every once in a while we all get a gentle reminder.
Mine came yesterday.
I met a man who was wearing two breast cancer awareness bracelets.
While sitting in his office I noticed several cancer awareness ribbons and a Revlon Run/Walk Medallion hanging on his wall.

It turns out that this man lost his daughter to breast cancer.
He shared this with S and I at the end of our meeting as we were saying our goodbyes. He had commented on the rubber bracelet S was wearing and asked what the significance was. S explained his bracelet and said he wears it because of his mom and then gently put his hand my shoulder - as this man began to ask, I politely interjected that I am a breast cancer survivor, he then went on to share that he lost his daughter to breast cancer.

As S and I walked to our car to go about with the rest of our day I had one of those "aha" moments where you have to stop and take it all in. This was my gentle reminder. The reminder that thankfully I am still here. 

I continue to be grateful that I can learn from all of these experiences and embrace the adventures in life.
And I continue to feel incredibly blessed.

Saturday I will be surrounded by 50,000 gentle reminders as I along with team Wings of Courage participate in our 2nd Revlon Run/Walk for women's cancers. Our fundraising has been amazing -- as a result of  incredible generosity we have surpassed our team goal and as of this writing I am just shy of my personal goal.

Like last year I am walking in memory of my mom, Linda L. Carlish, my step mom, Jacqueline Carlish, and my aunt, Patricia Cozzini. Three dynamic women who all battled breast cancer but sadly lost their fight too soon.

I am proud to be a survivor.

Ancora Imparo

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

So much to be thankful for...
So much to be grateful for...

Hoping that the beginning of the holiday season is filled with love, peace and happiness

Ancora Imparo

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Another Year Older!

I have always been a big fan of birthdays. The cake, the balloons, the presents... I know some people have real issues with turning a year older. Not this gal. Even before getting sick I enjoyed my special day. Now it has become a true reminder that life is worth celebrating. M and S made my day very special and the three of us enjoyed a nice dinner out.

The day was filled with many unexpected surprises. I was interviewed by a reporter for an article they were doing about weSpark and a big event they are having on October 4, 2010.

I found out that my Wings of Courage Pendant was going to be tweeted about and was going to be featured on the blog skinny purse.

And I was showered with wonderful b-day greetings from friends, family and my FB peeps.

As I embrace this new year I continue to be so blessed.
Ancora Imparo


Thursday, July 29, 2010

So Sorry For Your Loss...

We got word yesterday that a dear friend of ours lost her sister to lung cancer.
Our heart goes out to J and the entire K family during this time.

This truly reminds me how precious life is.
How fragile life is.
And how important it is to take the time to cultivate the things that we deem as important or fulfilling.

Ancora Imparo

Friday, July 16, 2010

Hey Stranger

It feels like ages since I have posted.
Thankfully all is well in our corner of the world.

The big medical update is that the aromatase inhibitor I have been taking has just gone generic! I welcomed my $15 copay with open arms... I shrieked with such enthusiasm at my local CVS they asked me if I was okay. I didn't want to bore them with the details of having to get samples from my doctor for the last couple of years because I couldn't afford the cost of the medication and didn't qualify for the program the pharmaceutical company offers so, I quickly controlled my excitement, gathered my goodies and headed out doing a happy dance the entire way home.

Recent checkups have all been great. I continue to be monitored and will return in early September for more tests. I welcome these checkups as a way to be proactive. Earlier this week I saw Dr. B, my reconstruction surgeon, it's been close to six months since I have seen him. He continues to be really pleased with how things turned out. I must say, I am really happy as well.

I was recently featured in a newspaper article in the Burbank Leader. It was beautifully written by Chloe Mayer and included two fantastic photos that Tim Berger took. Both parties are staff for the LA Times/Burbank Leader. The interview came out of the blue and was truly special. I am honored to be able to share my story and touched that people want to read it.

Cancer Survivor Gives Back

Wings of Courage necklaces are still going strong. Last week I made the donation for necklace sales for the first two quarters of 2010 to the WOC designated charity partners - Young Survival Coalition and weSpark Cancer Support Center.

Today I found out that actress Samaire Armstrong recently wore a Wings of Courage necklace to an event and was photographed on the red carpet. Pretty cool indeed.

Samaire Armstrong

I feel incredibly blessed to be able to reach others through my journey. I continue to learn lessons and grow from this experience. I have truly have so much to be grateful for.

Ancora Imparo