Thursday, May 5, 2011

Gentle Reminder

Every once in a while we all get a gentle reminder.
Mine came yesterday.
I met a man who was wearing two breast cancer awareness bracelets.
While sitting in his office I noticed several cancer awareness ribbons and a Revlon Run/Walk Medallion hanging on his wall.

It turns out that this man lost his daughter to breast cancer.
He shared this with S and I at the end of our meeting as we were saying our goodbyes. He had commented on the rubber bracelet S was wearing and asked what the significance was. S explained his bracelet and said he wears it because of his mom and then gently put his hand my shoulder - as this man began to ask, I politely interjected that I am a breast cancer survivor, he then went on to share that he lost his daughter to breast cancer.

As S and I walked to our car to go about with the rest of our day I had one of those "aha" moments where you have to stop and take it all in. This was my gentle reminder. The reminder that thankfully I am still here. 

I continue to be grateful that I can learn from all of these experiences and embrace the adventures in life.
And I continue to feel incredibly blessed.

Saturday I will be surrounded by 50,000 gentle reminders as I along with team Wings of Courage participate in our 2nd Revlon Run/Walk for women's cancers. Our fundraising has been amazing -- as a result of  incredible generosity we have surpassed our team goal and as of this writing I am just shy of my personal goal.

Like last year I am walking in memory of my mom, Linda L. Carlish, my step mom, Jacqueline Carlish, and my aunt, Patricia Cozzini. Three dynamic women who all battled breast cancer but sadly lost their fight too soon.

I am proud to be a survivor.

Ancora Imparo

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