Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Saturday I went to our local Burbank Relay for Life event. While this was my second Relay event this seemed to hit me a bit harder. I think it was simply being truly in the moment and taking in everything that I was seeing, feeling and hearing. I really looked at all of the faces of my fellow survivors. We were all there proudly wearing our purple shirts, putting our hand-prints on the canvas and celebrating our lives. We shared understanding nods as if to say I respect you and the journey you have been on. I know it may not have been easy but look at where we are now...

The event also allowed me the chance to visit with some very special people. People that continue to touch and inspire me.

Sully came along and was quite the trooper through the presentations and speeches. He took most of the wonderful pics above. Following the survivor lap he and I went to all of the booths and looked at how they were choosing to "celebrate" the event. Then the two of us went to the playground where I caught a pic of the big little guy in action.

Ancora Imparo

Monday, June 15, 2009

Wings of Courage...

In late March early April I told Mike about an idea that I had to create a piece of jewelry. A cancer awareness piece. Something that would stand as a lasting symbol of the journey I have been on. I showed Mike the design. Something that I had doodled during one of my weSpark creative writing sessions. He believed in the idea and encouraged me to go forward and find a way to make it happen. With his blessing I began looking at a way to take this idea and turn it into a reality. My sister B has a dear friend who is an amazing jewelry designer. I reached out to L and showed her my idea. She loved it. Her enthusiasm and guidance enabled Mike and I to see this through. In July it will be featured as part of her Eco-Friendly Fall '09 line at www.lauraelizabethjewelry.com in the meantime I am making pendants on a pre-order basis. I am touched and thrilled by the outcome thus far. It is one thing to have an idea and quite another to be able to make it happen. I am so truly blessed to have the support from Mike for this endeavor. He added so much to this piece. When we were brainstorming for a word that would mean something he cleverly said believe. I "believe" he is truly inspired.

This is the write-up that Mike came up with.

Wings of Courage….BelieveTM is the first piece designed by artisan and recent cancer survivor Marla Zack. Cast in recycled sterling silver, this original Butterfly & RibbonTM design stands as a symbol of healthy renewal, of the delicate beauty of life, and of the strength and power of hope. Each pendant is adorned with a single hand-picked bead of pink rose quartz, the color of breast cancer awareness.

This is the piece.

It's a family affair -- even Sully picked out the chain.

Ancora Imparo

Cancer Survivor...

Saturday, I attended the 2nd Annual PSJMC Cancer Survivor Day. One year ago I was a guest at this event. A newbie to the world of cancer diagnosis and treatment. A year later I am veteran. I have weathered the chemo storm. Seen my hair go and now come back. Thankfully I have recovered from four surgeries and even though there have been a few bumps along the road my attitude and appreciation for those that treat, counsel and care for those undergoing a cancer diagnosis continues to grow. I have encountered many of these angels in the last year. And they truly are heroes among us. I am forever touched and grateful to be able to have the team that I have.

At the event I and my new friend L were given the honor of being representatives at the weSpark table. Asking event attendees if they have heard of weSpark and if not making sure they left the booth with information on how they can get involved and have their own special place at that amazing haven that was instrumental in my healing and recovery.

An additional honor was having my Wings of Courage necklace as a raffle item for the Providence St. Joseph Breast Center booth. Sully picked the lucky winners ticket and I was given the chance to put the necklace on her. Her Dad, brother and cancer-survivor Mom posed for pictures and made for a truly memorable moment.

I am truly touched that I was given this opportunity. It was a very touching day and one that I will truly remember.

Ancora Imparo