Friday, July 16, 2010

Hey Stranger

It feels like ages since I have posted.
Thankfully all is well in our corner of the world.

The big medical update is that the aromatase inhibitor I have been taking has just gone generic! I welcomed my $15 copay with open arms... I shrieked with such enthusiasm at my local CVS they asked me if I was okay. I didn't want to bore them with the details of having to get samples from my doctor for the last couple of years because I couldn't afford the cost of the medication and didn't qualify for the program the pharmaceutical company offers so, I quickly controlled my excitement, gathered my goodies and headed out doing a happy dance the entire way home.

Recent checkups have all been great. I continue to be monitored and will return in early September for more tests. I welcome these checkups as a way to be proactive. Earlier this week I saw Dr. B, my reconstruction surgeon, it's been close to six months since I have seen him. He continues to be really pleased with how things turned out. I must say, I am really happy as well.

I was recently featured in a newspaper article in the Burbank Leader. It was beautifully written by Chloe Mayer and included two fantastic photos that Tim Berger took. Both parties are staff for the LA Times/Burbank Leader. The interview came out of the blue and was truly special. I am honored to be able to share my story and touched that people want to read it.

Cancer Survivor Gives Back

Wings of Courage necklaces are still going strong. Last week I made the donation for necklace sales for the first two quarters of 2010 to the WOC designated charity partners - Young Survival Coalition and weSpark Cancer Support Center.

Today I found out that actress Samaire Armstrong recently wore a Wings of Courage necklace to an event and was photographed on the red carpet. Pretty cool indeed.

Samaire Armstrong

I feel incredibly blessed to be able to reach others through my journey. I continue to learn lessons and grow from this experience. I have truly have so much to be grateful for.

Ancora Imparo


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Anonymous said...

What glorious, uplifting news! And to know that your story and your creativity are inspiring others on many levels is an extra-special wonder and source of deep satisfaction!

I always get a little anxious when there is nothing on Five Pokes for a while...but then, I tell myself that your silence is because you are too busy living a wonderful life to tell us about it!!! So...your silence is golden!

With love to all.

Marilyn, Fred and Betty