Friday, March 28, 2008

And so it begins...

First, we want to welcome you to our blog.
This is our very first posting.
So what exactly is "FIVE POKES?"

Five pokes were taken from a core biopsy last Tuesday which led to the discovery and diagnosis that I have breast cancer.

Mike and I got the news Thursday morning from our doctor. The words "there are cancer cells present" stopped both of us in our tracks -- all we could say was F*%K!
Followed by more expletives.
Which included a WTF and the exclamation that I am 43 years old!
Then tears.
More tears.
Followed by more expletives.
We went to our 1st doctors appointment at 11:45A.

What we know is that I have cancer.
What I know is that WE have cancer.
WE being the beautiful family I am so blessed to have.
My truly amazing husband Mike -- my soul mate, my true love, my knight in shining armor, the apple o'my eye (who will be writing this blog with me).
And our wonderful son Sully.

While it is inside my body, the fight to beat this -- or as we are saying "Kick its ASS" -- can only be achieved under the expert guidance of the skilled physicians and surgeons and the love and support from my dear husband Mike and our incredible support circle. It is the hope that this blog will be a place where we can freely share what we are feeling as we navigate the many roads and paths ahead.

We know that beginning Chemo and having Surgery are a few short weeks away.

We will continue to embrace the many blessings we have and the knowledge that it is essential to live each day to the fullest, to see the glass as half full, to appreciate the beauty around us.

Oh, by the way, after our meeting with the doctor, we had to go to our tax appointment. We hope you find as much humor in this as we did.

See you on the next posting.
Ancora Imparo
M & M


Juls said...
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Juls said...

wonderful start! Feel free to write Fuck anytime you want (unless eyes under 10 are reading). That's the beauty of blogdom. You can do whatever you want.

You are truly blessed but I'm more than blessed by calling ALL of you my friends (we're really family after all this time). After a bunch more swear words, you're gonna come through this with flying colors. I just know it.

What's Ancora Imparo?

Buff said...

Mar...just got home from Miami and read your blog. I want to talk to you soon, but will respect your time to be with your family now. I agree with will defeat this! We both know how fragile life is, but this is not your time. Chemo treatments are very successful these days. I had a friend diagnosed with ovarian cancer last June, went through chemo and is now ready to return to teaching! I am putting you on our church prayer chain (the Presbyterians are known among the movers and shakers of the prayer world!) Love you so much my dear friend!!

Gregory K. said...

I believe that surveys show that F&^$ is the appropriate reaction. Certainly was what was said here. But after f#$(ing passes, as we all know, comes the more important stuff... like the fact that your attitude is already in the right place.

We're up for however you need some help kicking ass....

Nancy and Greg

Aunt Barbara said...

You will kick it's ass. I hate that you have to go though all of this but I know you will make it. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Thanks for starting this blog. A great way to communicate.

laura said...

can't believe what i'm reading!! are you saying that school house rock claims an interjection can be followed by an exclamation point!?!?! .
........ marla, my friend, your youth and fantastic outlook will make this blip a memory. i know you'll be fine. by the way, i love the tax apt. bit. ironic, to say the least. and as far as the ancora imparo... aren't you smart enuf yet??? love.
ps. you can add another 'mother fucker' to the list. xxooo

Buff said...

I am so praying for you RIGHT NOW! Kick ass bud!!