Sunday, March 30, 2008

Start Spreading the News...

Now that we have received our news and begun to process it we needed to share it with those around us.

In addition to the immediate concern we received we got quite a few comments we just had to share.

The clear winner seemed to be "F*!K"
Followed closely by "Sh*t"

There were several who exclaimed "Oh No"

There was silence

There were tears

There were friends who quietly whispered "Oh My G-d"

There were heavy Sighs

There was a "Holy Crap"

There was a "Whoa"

and one "Mother F*!ker"

But we thought the overall winner was "Wicked Sh*tty!"

Needless to say -- judging from the reaction -- those in our circle were just as surprised as we were. And we thank you all for your support. We know we will need it in the days and months ahead.

The last time we heard so many interjections it was on Schoolhouse Rock!

Ancora Imparo
M & M


CBD Simplist said...

I'm so proud to be the one "motherf*cker". I'm a classy broad that way.

Steve & Terrah said...

Hi you guys -

I guess T and I reacted pretty much the same as most when Deb called last night and told us. It started with quiet swearing, evolved to sympathy and then veered to trying to figure out how to reach out and share the compassion we feel.

Later last night got the link to this blog - What a great thing you are doing by communicating with all of us who care about you!! And allowing us to communicate with you.

We wanted to call immediately but didn't, not wanting to impose, or interrupt a moment of normalcy.

Sitting here writing, it occurs to me that what you wrote Marla - "What I know is that WE have cancer." - really applies to an even larger circle, and that we are in it too. We definitely are feeling traumatized by this occurrence too.

We've been talking about all of the people we know who have had CANCER. Thank God most have survived! T talked for the first time since her hysterectomy about how she, and we, were in total denial for so long about what she/we went thru.

Know that, even at a distance, we are on this ride with you and ready to support you in whatever way/s we can.

We're looking forward to seeing you in a couple weeks, hopefully we can. We'll be available if you guys are up for it.

Doctor and Tax guys same day? Damn, you could have gone to the dentist too : ) Definitely seeing the humor here.

As you know, we're still learning up here too.

We Love you,
Steve & Terrah