Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It Makes So Much Sense...

In my post treatment group yesterday we were talking about the fatigue that we are all experiencing and someone shared it was as if we no longer get a second wind. That simple statement makes so much sense and completely describes the fatigue. Someone else shared that in time the fatigue will pass which pleased me greatly.

Ancora Imparo


Anonymous said...

When you are in the throes of being exhausted after very little exertion, you can't believe that you will ever get your ongoing energy exceedingly depressing prospect. I've had that experience twice in my life...and am thankful to say that both of those times are in my past. I wish the same for you, and believe that this will happen in time.

Remember...onward and upward.

With love.

Marilyn, Fred and Betty

Aaron said...

Its kind of like being in the midst of a drought. You get to the point where you don't think it will ever rain again, but in time is does.

The interesting thing is how subtlety energy can return. On days when you are feeling the fatigue the worst, its hard to think of anything else. But we inherently have a sense of what "normal" feels like to us, and even when we haven't felt that way in quite some time, is amazing how accepting we are of it when it returns. Its like suffering though a misserable cold for weeks and not thinking you'll ever get better, and then one day it occurs that you just are. The gradual improvements we greet with great fanfare, but the feeling "normal" part - it just seems to dawn on us one day!

The fatigue will pass my friend, and when it does, don't be surprised if its actually takes you a few days to realize it!

Take care,