Thursday, December 11, 2008

Put it on poster...

At the weSpark creative writing session this week several people suggested that the following should be put on a poster. I was deeply flattered and touched by their suggestion. Our prompt was When I Open My Eyes.

When I open my eyes I see how fragile life can be.
When I open my heart I feel how deeply I can love.
When I open my mind I awake my spirit.
When I open my spirit I embrace my body and vow to heal it fully.
And when I open my life I accept my limitations
and continue to strive for the highest and most honorable.
I maintain hope.
I pray for courage.
I teach peace and acceptance.
I let go and close my eyes surrendering to the darkness
knowing light will come on a new day.

Ancora Imparo


Anonymous said...

This is absolutely breath-taking. Onward and upward!

With love always,
Marilyn, Fred and Betty

laura said...

hi marla! just had the pleasure of catching up with your blog. love the t-shirt, your 'poster' and i like thinking of you as a butterfly. here's hoping you and yours have a very happy christmas and a very merry new year!