Sunday, August 30, 2009

bad dream

I had a bad dream last night.
The first in I don't know how long.
I dreamt my chemo didn't work and I was going to need to start treatment again.
It was so real.
So scary.
And so profound.
The reality is that if we found out that I needed to go down the treatment road again we would without hesitation. But this really threw me.

What is not a dream and is very much a reality is my new sister site

I am still adding to it. But I am excited to see it taking off.
I have also created a wings of courage pendant fan page on FB.
Be sure to check it out and become a fan!

Ancora Imparo

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I believe that when we are asleep, our deepest fears are allowed to surface. Dreaming allows that scary thought to get to the surface, so you are able to face it and respond to it, and move on. Just like a burp, a bad dream relieves internal tension and allows it to dissapate out into the ether. That's the wonderful part about bad dreams.

I have not seen the website yet, but I will go there after breakfast. I know it is wonderful if you had anything to do with it!

Tell us about Sully and his new school year. What is Mike doing now?

Onward and upward.

I love you.