Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Healthy Diversions...

I awoke yesterday getting a little anxious about my surgery on Thursday. I had an inkling this was was going to happen. As I prepare I am reminding myself that my journey still has a long, long way to go. And that this surgery (and those to follow) will continue to put me on the path to full recovery and healing.

As a way to help calm my anxiousness I gave myself a new mantra which is -- my journey is different from my Mom (Linda) and Step Mom (Jacki) and will have a much better outcome. In addition to the mantra I continue to hold onto the image of Mike and I sitting in our rockers in our retirement.

The day progressed and I found myself busy with pre-op appointments which included an EKG and Chest X-ray.

I asked Bonnie F., the magnificent facilitator of my support group, for any tools she might have to assuage my nerves. And she suggested that I visualize my desired outcome and remind myself that right now I am alright; safe and whole. I took the time to think about this and allowed myself some quiet time to stop and take deep cleansing breaths and chant my new mantra. This definitely helped (and continues to.)

I picked up Sully from school ready to take him to a few more places to sell his popcorn for cub scouts but was greeted with an unhappy face and droopy eyes. Once I got him in the car his nose started to run and he started to cough. Poor little guy. Thankfully our pediatrician was available and confirmed it is a viral bug that will work through his system. He stayed home today with Mike while I went to dentist to have my permanent crown put on -- only there was a little SNAFU. My tooth or more aptly the dental pulp had irreversible pulpitis. (Which explains why it has been hurting.) So three hours later after a deep cleaning and some packing into the root I was sent on my way with an upcoming appointment to see an Endodontist for root canal once I recover from surgery.

That is really the reader's digest version.

Honestly, I think these diversions have been good for me on many levels. Not that I want Sully to have a cold or that I want to have a root canal but I do think that they are my little reality checks to not get bogged down with what is coming up. Simply put these things force me to stay in the moment.

Ancora Imparo


joyce said...

Marla..you continue to see the silver lining in EVERYTHING!! I read your words and thought, "Shit, not another bump in the road!!!" But these are not bumps when they are looked at through the eyes of an optimist, the eyes of a survivor, the eyes of an extraordinary woman! I will be thinking of you every moment on Thursday, knowing that all will go smoothly and you will be yet another step closer to complete recovery. I am sure Sully's sniffles will be soon replaced with smiles. And you will laugh at that silly tooth misbehaving!!!
ALL my love to you! Joyce

Anonymous said...

Keep the faith...tomorrow is a giant leap toward wellness, and you will feel very relieved when all is said and done...

Blow Sully a kiss from the 3 of us, and give Mike a hug...we are holding each of you in our hearts as you journey

Onward and upward.

Marilyn, Fred and Betty

Aaron said...

Well Marla, you know what they say, there's nothing like your son getting sick and needing a root canal to get your mind off impending surgery!

Ahh...okay...I made that up. They actually don't say that. In fact, anyone who said that would probably be committed.

You know Marla, like Joyce and everyone else who loves and cares about you, I really am in awe of your positive attitude and fighting spirit, but I've got to admit that that my reaction to this post was "you've got to be kidding me! enough already!" So, if you feel like hurling out a few expletives, don’t worry, we won’t be offended. We might even join in.

Your journey still has a long way to go, and this is but one road in it. You are going to come out of it with so much to look forward to. Those rockers in retirement will be great, but there are so many other adventures that await before you get there.

Good luck on Thursday. You will of course continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.


Anonymous said...

Dear Marla -

God Bless you. Being positive is the way to go!! and you are living proof that it works. While we never want our babies sick or feeling bad and we could certinaly live without the tooth drama, it does remind us that apparently we are not the center of the universe.

Your plate is full but there are those of us gathered around you to help, we all help each other feel like we are the center of the universe - I am here to help you in any way I can.

We pray every night for you!

Tomorrow will be more then fine, it will go great!

with love,