Thursday, September 25, 2008

Great News! Hysterectomy is Hystory!

Hello Everyone,

Special guest blogger Mike here. I'm looking forward to actually sleeping tonight, so I'll keep this short.

First and foremost, I am VERY happy to report that Marla's hysterectomy went excellently. She is recovering and, although in some pain, she says it is not terrible. She is obviously spending the night at the hospital tonight -- we're not sure if she'll also be staying Friday night.

The day went pretty smoothly. We checked in at 8:15am, moved through the paperwork process and got to the pre-op room rather quickly. Surgery actually started on time (12:30pm) and I was very happy to have Ron, Sherry, Becky, Aaron, and Julie there to keep me company during my usual surgical angst. What can I say -- I'm just not a huge fan of hospitals. They smell funny and the food sucks. But at least we were at St. Jo's again -- and they always take good care of Marla.

About two hours later, (2:30p) Dr. K (not sure I'm allowed to mention actual names) came into the waiting room to give us her report. She said that when it came to the removal of Marla's ovaries, uterus and cervix, everything was routine -- in fact she was delighted to describe Marla's pelvis as "boring." Although I was totally delighted to hear this WONDERFUL news, I must argue the point -- I personally have never found any of Marla's parts "down south" to be the least bit "boring."

The second part of Marla's surgery today was to remove her porta-cath which came out "easily" and "uneventfully." So, everyone, get ready to join me a collective "thank god" as this marks the official conclusion of Marla's chemo treatment. we go... "THANK GOD!"

So a very positive day -- and one more step towards our circumnavigation of this bump in the road. I am so proud of my Marla. I am proud of her strength. I am proud of her optimism. I'm also proud that I just used the word "circumnavigation."

As always, we are so grateful to all of you for your prayers, light and love. Life is a blessing sweetened by the presence of all of you.

Ancora Imparo.



Aaron said...

Thank God!!!!!!

Great news. So glad to hear that everything came off without a hitch. (Ahh, maybe that's not an expression one should use to describe surgery...but you know what I mean!) While I know we all ended up here in LA because we crave excitement, this in one instance where "boring" and "uneventful" are music to our ears.

I know the next couple of days will suck due to the post op discomfort, but at least its over! Let the healing begin.

Much love to you all.


Anonymous said...

Glorious news!!! As Aaron indicated, the best news when it comes to medicine is that everything was uneventful and boring.

Now, you will move on to an eventful and stimulating rest of your life!!!!

Love to all.

Marilyn, Fred and Betty

Debbie said...

You know... there comes a time when
we don't need those pesky parts any more!
Congratulations on another step towards your recovery done with braveness, humour, dignity and so
much support. You are an inspiration!
And hey, the hot flashes aren't that
Love, Debbie H.

Amy said...

Soooo glad to hear all was boring!!! I was sending mental support all day! I know Marla will bounce back quickly - and I loved Marla's letter! Hugs to all - Amy

Lynn Weiss, NOHO, California said...

Amen, Mike! What wonderful news.
And now moving forward to adventures and lots of blueberries.


Juls said...

Sometimes boring is one of the best words in the English language. I know it was on Thursday.

joyce said...

Ok Marla, it is time to come home, so do you your "duty" and be on your way!!!! WE LOVE YOU AND WANT YOU TO EAT SOME YUMMY CAKE FOR YOUR BELATED BDAY!!! Adam and Joyce