Friday, January 16, 2009

Creating a Vision...

Today I got the chance to attend a vision board workshop at weSpark. I have always wanted to create one of these since watching The Secret. It was a really neat exercise in focusing on asking for what it is that you want to attract. It was a packed house and I was really happy to see so many familiar faces. Courageous people that I have gotten the chance to know over the last nine plus months as we all continue to navigate our way down our specific paths.

I truly try to express my gratitude daily for the many blessings I have; the love and support of my husband, our beautiful son, a roof over our head, food on our table, wonderful friends and family, a resilient body and continued good health / healing.

As I began the exercise of asking myself what it is that I want and hope to manifest in 2009 I thought about my health, my beauty (inside and out [reconstruction is 11 days away]), joy, laughter, relaxation, vacation, pampering, reading, writing and career opportunities. I was also given a blank check that I made out to myself for $1,000, 000 -- paid by the universal bank.

Whatever you wish for I hope it brings you true peace and happiness.

Ancora Imparo

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Anonymous said...

I read in yesterday's paper about how scientists have now proven that having "an attitude of gratitude" results in many health pluses...You have shown everyone reading this blog your positive approach to life, and I am glad that you have created such a powerful 2009 vision for yourself. I, too,see that healthy, happy, relaxed, upbeat, accomplished, successful Marla "feeling fine in 2009"...

With prayers, love and admiration.

Marilyn, Fred and Betty