Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Reconstruction Begins...a Surgical Success!!!

Hello All,

Mike here -- and, as usual, if I'm blogging, it's to let you know how Marla's surgery went today.

In a word (a very happy one)...FANTASTIC! Here's how it all played out...

We arrived at St. Joseph's at 6am for a scheduled 10am start. Our brave girl Marla went into surgery at about 10:20am... then, at about 12:00p, Dr. B arrived at the door of the waiting room to tell me that the Expanders were in and that Marla did great! Her bleeding was relatively little and relatively normal... in fact, he didn't even need to put in drains! That is FANTASTIC news that Marla was very happy to hear when I finally got to see her in her hospital room at about 2:30pm.

As far as discomfort, Marla says it feels like an 18-wheeler ran over her chest. True, I see some new shapes there, but fortunately, no tire tread marks. We are told that the pain should get less as the days go on (with a warning that it cold be worse tomorrow). But, they are keeping her in the hospital tonight and probably tomorrow night to monitor her bleeding (or lack thereof which is better!)

It was a long, looooong day. But we made it through thanks to the love and light that you dear people continue to bathe us in.

As we continue down this road, we continue to believe that life is a gift -- a beautiful gift -- enhanced and brightened by the wonderful and positive people we meet along the way. I am the luckiest man in the world to be traveling down the road with my Marla and my Sully. And as we three continue down the road towards happy adventures yet to be experienced, I am grateful for the firm and never-ending belief that we leave cancer behind us... in the dust... at that ghost town we passed miles ago.

Ancora Imparo



Andy Levy-Stevenson said...

So glad to hear it ... please send my love.

Anonymous said...

What glorious news!! Hope Marla keeps traveling uneventfully down Recovery Road. We are thinking about and praying for all of you.


marilyn, fred and betty

Anonymous said...

So glad to know that this part of the journey is now over, and now, onward & upward (or whatever that tired cliche is).

Sending hugs to you all, and best wishes for a speedy and easy recovery.

Susan, Larry & Matthew

joyce said...

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY to hear the great news!!!!!!!!!!! That gal of yours continues to amaze us!!! You and Sully..her main dudes, do the same!!! We love you all and look forward to hearing more and more fabulous news!!!!

Hugs(but not too tight!)

Anonymous said...

Yay!!!!! simply... Yay!!!!!!

hugs to you all,


laura said...

excellent news. congrats. hope she's feeling ok today (better living thru chemistry) and is home safe and sound. and mike, i really like the 'dusty ghost town left behind' image. cool.