Monday, January 26, 2009


This is something I have been writing the last several days.

I'll teach you to juggle
It's easy you see
You start with two balls
Before you master three

You juggle sans struggle
Career, Motherhood and being a Wife
Others marvel at all you do
You utter this is simply my life

A new ball appears
A bit different you see
It throws you a curve
And threatens your "me"

You continue to juggle this new ball the big "C"

There is a tightrope now beneath your feet

You hope and pray that you don't fall
You accept support and learn to call

You adapt to many changes both inside and out

You juggle a bit more and a bit less it now seems
You stop to see a rainbow, a tree, a bug with yellow wings

You've tasted true fear
Acknowledged defeat
You share when you're scared, excited and just plain beat

You approach scans and tests with apprehension it's true
You decide the "C" ball is simply not for you

You pledge to make changes to yourself and your G-d
You exercise, eat healthy and have a new found respect for your bod(y)

You feel blessed and empowered, grateful it's true
You seek beauty and truth in all that you do

You juggle again but this time you see
Greater need for balance of yourself and your Chi

The future is bright
The journey moves on
You're a survivor and undeniably strong

Ancora Imparo


Aaron said...

Wow! Marla, this is great. You are quite the juggler - Cirque du Soleil has nothing on you. That fourth ball was most unwelcome to be sure, but your strength, courage...and dexterity...never cease to impress!

Good luck tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Dear Marla,

It was so great to see you @ TBH the other night (and it was great to see Mike and Sully, too, of course!).

Just caught up with your blog, and I'm so happy to know what's going on with you. Loved your poem, and also the other piece you shared; very inspirational and I'm going to print it out & post prominently!

Thinking of you, thinking of tomorrow, and sending warmest thoughts your way.

Looking forward to the Tally Rand just as soon as you are ready.


Anonymous said...

I first was witness to your skill at juggling at your wedding reception, and you have gotten even better at it in these recent months. Never doubt your expertise...and keep your eyes, not on the balls, but on the prize!!

Thinking of you on 1/27/09.

With love,

Marilyn, Fred and Betty