Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Chemo #2 is Through Through Through...

Happy to report that Chemo #2 is happily a thing of the past.
It was an uneventful day yesterday.
My levels continue to be good -- so much so that I did not need a neulasta injection (boosts white blood count).

My oncology appointment started at 11:00A, Chemo began about 11:30A and we were home by 3:00P. It was nice to be done earlier in the day.

Once again I had an arsenal of snacks but have been keeping to the bland side which has proven much better this go around. Staying Dairy Free has helped incredibly. I can not tell you how much I am missing ice cream but with my eye on the ultimate prize it is truly minor in the scheme of things.

I took some of the time during Chemo to start sewing on Sully's patches for his new Webelo uniform which we will present to him tomorrow night at the bridging ceremony. I am happy that that little task is behind me.

Today I went to physical therapy and my therapist (also a BC survivor greeted me with a "hello baldy.") I have to say I found the humor in it -- it's not like I look like I have a full head of hair anymore. I am anxiously awaiting the new bandanna's I ordered on ebay.

In the meantime my friend M and I exchanged this thread on IM today.

She wrote: Kabbalists say when you cut your hair you lessen all the judgements
so it is only normal to assume that when you lose the hair you lose all the judgements. so you will be blessed with no harsh judgements from here in!

Have blessed judgment free day.
Ancora Imparo


Anonymous said...

Welcome to my Dairy Free world. When you first relocate to this new foreign land, the transition can prove to be quite difficult for many... I can happily be your ambassador and provide you with some 'insider tips!' I've got a good "SCOOP" or two for you...

With much love from your Dairy Free friend Stacy!

Stephenie said...

Keep going baby!! You are doing great!!! I check in on you everyday, delighted to see an update. You are in our prayers every night and I am sending you all sorts of positive engery!

Jessica said...

Just look at that beautiful smiling face of yours. Marla, you are so amazing that I can't even think of enough adjectives to use to describe you. Thank you for your blog so that we can tag along on your journey.
With love,

joyce said...

M is for the miracle you are to us A is for the always positive
energy you share with us
R is for the radiant beauty we
see in you
L is for the laughter we hear in
in you
A is for the abundance of love,
admiration and awe we feel for

HUGS, HUGS and more HUGS!!!!

Abby said...


All of us at the Gardens continue to think positive thoughts for you!
Abby, Maru, Corina, Peggy, Grace and all your grandmother's care people