Wednesday, June 4, 2008

They Said "I Do!"

Sunday was simply beautiful.
My Dad and S got married in a lovely ceremony surrounded by family and friends.
Those in attendance got to really experience our blended family.
They even got to see my 2 year-old niece moon everyone as she grew very tired of her pull-up mid-ceremony. It was definitely memorable.
There were a lot of toasts, roasts and heartfelt thoughts that were bestowed upon the newlyweds.
I for one was truly happy to be there.
It is so wonderful to see my Dad so happy and to see the twinkle in his eye.
Cheers to my new Mom and my new Sisters and their beautiful families.

So here I am 8 days post Chemo #1 and how am I feeling now?
Happily I have had more good days than bad.
I have noticed that it is not a day thing it is more a block of time thing.
It's really interesting how things can change in a few hours.
The side effects have been manageable thus far.
The fatigue I would imagine will be more of an issue as my Chemo's progress. I am trying to take it easy and nap when I feel tired. I am also trying to exercise regularly -- walking on the treadmill so I can avoid the sun as I am really sun sensitive due to the Chemo or as a family we have enjoyed some early evening walks. Yesterday I took an amazing Yoga class at weSpark (more on that later.) My tummy has had a mind of its own and while I can say hooray I have not been plagued by extreme nausea (thanks to a lot of anti-emetic meds) I have had my fair share of tummy troubles. A conversation with a nutritionist today gave me some helpful hints and modifying my diet seems to have really helped in the last day plus. The other recent addition has been a bit of insomnia -- anyone who knows me knows that I am a pretty good sleeper. I have been known to nod off during a not so good movie making it as my Grandma M used to call it a great "nap movie?"

The last side effect I have been experiencing needs its own paragraph. I was talking to Sully's Head of School on Monday and mid conversation it happened.
I had my first hot flash.
There I was on the ramp having a lovely conversation when all of the sudden it happened. I literally started fanning myself with what I was holding -- the choice was a plastic bin or a small Pyrex dish. Like I said, there I was fanning myself with the plastic bin (what? you really thought I would use the Pyrex dish?) and realizing that right there at that moment it had begun. I have to tell you when you have a hot flash you are HOT!
OMG are you HOT.
It is like you have a boiler inside of you and it suddenly releases MOLTEN STEAM and all the while you are looking like a lunatic while you shed layers of clothing to cool down and then you wonder if anyone else in the room, car, mall, supermarket, bank, post office are feeling a little warm. For those that have experienced this you know what I am talking about.

Ancora Imparo


Anonymous said...

As you end each email, I begin this one...Ancora Amparo..."I am still learning..." and boy, is there a lot to learn about hot flashes...which, at 71, I am STILL having, although I must say they are more like "warm reminders"at this time in my life. This, too, will the interim, buy 100% cotton nightgowns with spaghetti straps...the coolest thing going is the key...

What good news that you ran into that nutritionist...stomach problems are the last thing you need!

It is always so good to read your blog. I look several times a day to see if there are any updates, and we feel more on top of things when there is recent news.

Take care. Our love.

Marilyn, Fred and Betty

Aaron said...

Well, I stopped by to see if there was a news flash in the life of Marla, and got a hot flash instead. That's what I love about your blog...expect the unexpected!

Congrats to your dad and the family, its sound like it was a happy day for everyone, except maybe your niece. :)

Anyway, its great to hear that life with chemo has been tolerable for the most part, and that you are able to get out and "do your thing".

Have a great weekend, hopefully it won't get too hot.

Aaron W