Thursday, October 2, 2008

I Pooped!

As my most wonderfully amazing husband, Mike, shared in the last post my hysterectomy was uneventful.

And I am truly thankful for that. I was discharged from the hospital Saturday evening. On the condition that I return to the hospital Sunday twice for infusion treatment as a preventative measure for my bleeding disorder. My homecoming was short lived as I began feeling really sick in the middle of the night. To the point where Mike had to phone Dr. K and let her know what I was experiencing. Since I had to be back at the hospital in the morning the thought was we would access the situation there. We did just that.

I ended up being readmitted to the hospital on Sunday. At one point in between a round of super intense abdominal pain I quietly told Mike I felt like I had "shit poisoning." It turns out that what I did have was a Postoperative Ileus. (A temporary paralysis of a portion of the intestines typically after an abdominal surgery.) The best way to treat this is to be taken off all food and water until sound can be heard in your abdominal cavity. So me and my IV got to be best pals for a few days. I was then put on a liquid diet and then moved to the soft/bland diet where I got the chance to order off of the hospital menu. Just a side note; since when are smothered Pork Chops soft and bland? I opted for the Manicotti.

With actual food in my belly my mission was to poop as that was my ticket to freedom. It is truly amazing to me that with all of the medical advancements that we have made it comes down to something as rudimentary as going #2! Thankfully I was able to do that early this morning and be discharged shortly thereafter.

I am so very grateful to be home.

Ancora Imparo


Anonymous said...

As Harvey got older, he used to comment that the only thing that was better than sex was a good poop when you needed it! Notice, he didn't say that when he was younger...:) At this point, you can relate to his statement...but you won't feel that way forever, I guarantee that!

So glad to hear that all your systems are "go", and that you are home again, home again, jiggedy, jog!

We love you and wish you a Happy New Year!

Marilyn, Fred and Betty

Aaron said...

Welcome Home Marla!

Like many others, I have been checking in regularly, hoping to hear from you here on the blog (yes, you could say we give a shit!) and am so glad that you've come through the latest medical misadventure and are back at home.

I have to say (any hey, it may be saying too much) that the thought of having a successful bowel movement being the ticket to freedom - or success of any kind - is terrifying. It would certainly make Pesach the worst week of the year!

Anyway, welcome back, and I hoping everything just keeps right on moving!

L'Shanah Tovah!


joyce said...

Shit,shit hooray...shit,shit hooray!!!! So glad you are home!!!

Love you