Thursday, October 30, 2008

258 Weeks Left...

My hysterectomy was six weeks ago and I have just completed my second week on Arimidex. I have 258 weeks left. Thankfully the side effects are manageable thus far. The biggest complaints are muscle pain and fatigue. Both seem to be better if I keep moving and not sit for extended periods of time. The nausea and headaches I was experiencing last week have begun to subside which makes me very happy.

My hair is really growing in now. It looks like the color is basically the same. It is too early to tell if it will be curly or wavy. The pic on this posting was taken just moments ago.

Earlier in the week I transitioned to the post treatment group at weSpark so today I went to the in treatment group one last time to say goodbye and have a sense of closure. That group was a big part of my journey when I was undergoing treatment. It was a place for me to go and share what I was experiencing. A non judgmental environment which is so essential when you are in a vulnerable place. No matter how strong you are and how much support you have the ability to share your experience with others in a similar situation is helpful. I don't want that to sound like I don't appreciate and embrace all of the amazing people that have continued to keep us in their thoughts and prayers so please don't take offense but for those that have undergone a life changing event I think you may understand what I am trying to say. Without the love and support of my dear husband, family and friends I may not have sought out a place like weSpark. And I am truly grateful that I did. Mike continues to allow me to find myself and my "new" sense of normal and I am so incredibly blessed and fortunate that I can do that.

I certainly would never wish a cancer diagnosis on anyone. But g-d forbid you are faced with it you have to seek out a cancer support center. You can't battle this on your own. You need the support of those that have walked that road before you.

Ancora Imparo

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Anonymous said...

Your face is full of joy in this picture. What a thrill for all of us to see!!! I predict your hair will be like it was before. That was certainly Fred's experience...but, of course, he didn't have curly or wavy to ponder...stick-straight is how our hair grows!!!!

What a poignant moment it must have been to say good-bye to your "in-treatment" group...they will always be nestled right in the core of your will the "post-treatment" bunch, when you get to know them.

I hope all the side effects subside to dim memories in the very near future. Does the doc indicate that this is a possibility? When is the next surgery???

We love you all. Happy Halloween!

Marilyn, Fred and Betty