Sunday, October 5, 2008

Odds and Ends...

So I meant to call the last post "The Illeus and My Odyssey" but I had a post Chemo moment and couldn't remember it until now.

It has been wonderful being home and getting back into the swing of things. I truly feel now that my recovery can officially begin. I celebrate the fact that my treatment with the exception of being on an Aromatase Inhibitor is behind me now. The months really went by very quickly and I am seeing the signs that my body is fighting back and rebuilding itself. My hair is growing back -- my nails are growing -- all signs that my healthy cells are working their magic! At my oncology appointment this week I will most likely be told what Aromatase Inhibitor I will be starting and am hopeful the side effects will be minimal as my body adjusts to it. I am hoping that I will be back to driving later in the week. In the meantime I am taking it easy(ish.) Listening to my body and trying to not overdo it. Post surgery complication aside I have to say the pain from the hysterectomy is beyond minimal.

Yesterday Mike and I took Sully to his very first Tae Kwon Do competition. He competed in both forms and sparring. It was amazing to be a part of something so much bigger than our local Do Jang. Mike and I were so incredibly proud of our little guy. He has been practicing his forms diligently and did amazingly well. He took home a Gold medal in forms and a Bronze medal in sparring. He truly relished every moment and is wearing his medals with great pride. We all had a great time rooting for his fellow classmates. I was so truly grateful that I was able to be there.

This morning I took Sully to continue on his popcorn selling quest. We went door-to-door and he sold his little heart out. I marveled at the fact that a few short days ago I was still in the hospital taking laps around the 7th floor.

I continue to feel so incredibly blessed.

Ancora Imparo



Anonymous said...

That "little guy" is growing by leaps and bounds, judging from the great picture with his medals. Looks like a "big guy" to me!!! Mazel Tov on his forms and sparring prowess.

Thank G-d for the wellness you are feeling, Marla...and that yet another step on this arduous journey has been taken.

Good luck with the new medicine.

Will be saying special prayers for our families on Yom Kippur. These days of intense reflection and renewed vows are extra-special this year, because of Marla and Fred and their medical odysseys...

With deepest love.

Marilyn, Fred and Betty

Aaron said...

Well, "The Illeus and My Odyssey" is a bit more creative a title, but the one you chose at least got your readers to act like a bunch of 8 year-olds making poop jokes!

Glad to see the good cells are starting to work their magic, and that you are starting a new, and far better chapter of this odyssey. May each day bring you a little less discomfort, and a little more spring in your step and hair on your head!

Take care,

PS I agree with Marilyn, the "little guy" is looking pretty big! Good work on the medals, "big guy!"ecxxigv

joyce said...

What a wonderfully uplifting post!!! We are smiling from ear to ear, reading all the great news!!! Bravo to you Sully on your great achievements!! One of these days, we will get you Jenna together to do forms simultaneously! I think we will skip the sparring though!! Marla, keep moving forward, with strength, optimisim, and laughter!!
We are also incredibly proud of you, dear friend!!!!! hugs and kisses from all the grants!!!