Saturday, April 25, 2009

Same event different year...

Back in April of last year one of my post surgery goals was to attend the local Burbank Parade. We kept with tradition and made it to that event. Well, today it was the same event -- a year later -- and I am happy to say that we attended the parade this morning.

The theme was Hollywood

One of the highlights was seeing Sully participate with his Tae Kown Do studio. This parade always falls on the last Saturday in April. Because of that we have always referred to it as Mike's Birthday Parade. As Sully and his group marched by us he yelled "Happy Birthday Dad!"

Sully is in blue and has face paint to look like Po from Kung Fu Panda. His routine included doing a jumping double front kick and breaking boards.

That's Bugs Bunny

The local Relay for Life float had a large chicken and a sign that read "Cluck Cancer"

As dates and events continue to pass that mark the first year since diagnosis and treatment I am reminded of how precious life is and truly thankful and blessed to be healthy and strong.

Ancora Imparo


Aaron said...

I totally remember your post about going to the parade last year - I was just floored that'd you'd made it. That determination has been so apparent over the last year Marla - you rock!

There is something about the Burbank Parade that I both love and find amusing, which is pretty much just the fact that it exists.

When I worked at NBC in the late 80's, the only thing I really knew about Burbank was that it was the butt of Johnny Carson's jokes. Once I actually started spending some time there I realized the place actually does have its own identity - and the parade typifies it. The fact that an area that's basically surrounded by LA manage to have its own identity and even an oddly small town feel is really cool.

Anyway, glad you guys had fun - a parade is a fitting event to coincide with Mike's birthday!

Thanks for sharing - each victory along the way is just very uplifting to read.


PS I guess I'll finally have to watch Kung Fu Panda so I can figure out which one is Sully!

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of the Lutz Fourth of July Parade...That same small-town, Americana feel. Glad Sully was a part of the proceedings, and that you were there to as a fiddle!!!

Happy May!!

Marilyn, Fred and Betty