Friday, April 17, 2009

This time last year...

Mike called a short while ago to see how I was doing this morning. He is on a scout and wanted to make sure that I was doing okay. Exactly a year ago I on a gurney with Mike by my side awaiting the sentinel node procedure prior to my B/L Mastectomy.

A year later I am sitting in front of my computer and in the background I can hear Sully offer his best pal N a snack as they laugh at some new Nick Cartoon.

Once our annual termite inspection is finished I will rally the troupes and we will head out for a bike ride on this absolutely gorgeous spring day.

Here is a pic that I snapped yesterday while Sully and I were riding. He is the little spec off in the distance.

It is amazing to think back to where I was 365 days ago and to where I will be 365 days from now.

Ancora Imparo


Anonymous said...

Thank G-d for the passage of time...and for all the wonderful days that are ahead.


Marilyn, Fred and Betty

Aaron said...


Its so hard to believe its been a year - and so amazing to reflect on what a journey it has been. I'm just so happy to see how far you've come, and to know all the great adventures that will await you, Mike and Sully in the months and years to come. You remain a true inspiration to us all.

All the best,

joyce said...

The smile on your face speaks volumes to all of us. We KNOW there will be many more reasons to smile, many, many more days than 365!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With endless admiration and love,

Johanna said...

Finally made it over to visit!! Congrats on your year-versary. I'm having a hard time wrapping my mind around being 2 years out - POST. And yes, I continue to discover subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) ways in which I have been changed by this experience.