Monday, June 15, 2009

Wings of Courage...

In late March early April I told Mike about an idea that I had to create a piece of jewelry. A cancer awareness piece. Something that would stand as a lasting symbol of the journey I have been on. I showed Mike the design. Something that I had doodled during one of my weSpark creative writing sessions. He believed in the idea and encouraged me to go forward and find a way to make it happen. With his blessing I began looking at a way to take this idea and turn it into a reality. My sister B has a dear friend who is an amazing jewelry designer. I reached out to L and showed her my idea. She loved it. Her enthusiasm and guidance enabled Mike and I to see this through. In July it will be featured as part of her Eco-Friendly Fall '09 line at in the meantime I am making pendants on a pre-order basis. I am touched and thrilled by the outcome thus far. It is one thing to have an idea and quite another to be able to make it happen. I am so truly blessed to have the support from Mike for this endeavor. He added so much to this piece. When we were brainstorming for a word that would mean something he cleverly said believe. I "believe" he is truly inspired.

This is the write-up that Mike came up with.

Wings of Courage….BelieveTM is the first piece designed by artisan and recent cancer survivor Marla Zack. Cast in recycled sterling silver, this original Butterfly & RibbonTM design stands as a symbol of healthy renewal, of the delicate beauty of life, and of the strength and power of hope. Each pendant is adorned with a single hand-picked bead of pink rose quartz, the color of breast cancer awareness.

This is the piece.

It's a family affair -- even Sully picked out the chain.

Ancora Imparo

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Anonymous said...

It is just lovely. I get compliments and questions every time I wear mine. I hope you get so many orders, you have to go into overtime production!

Love and luck!!!

Marilyn, Fred and Betty