Thursday, May 29, 2008

Greetings From Chemo Watch...

Howdy Friends,

It has been two full days since my first Chemo. Today I had the chance to really lay low which was clearly needed. The Neulasta injection I received yesterday to promote white blood cell growth came with the warning of bone pain -- which I have been feeling but thankfully subsides with Tylenol. It's really reminiscent of growing pain that I had as an early teenager so as long as the Tylenol does the trick it's all good.

So far the nausea is minimal. Just a bit of a queasiness that comes and goes. Thank goodness for the combination of anti-emetic drugs I am continuing to take. For those curious my appetite continues to be good and eating small amounts several times throughout the day helps.

I had a nice nap today. Hit that point where I was on my computer and said aloud "I need to close my eyes now." Talk about listening to your bodies cues.

Tomorrow is a new day -- the sun will be shining and I will be sure to load up on SPF 50 and a big hat before venturing out to Physical Therapy.

Have a great night.
Ancora Imparo


Nicky P. said...

Glad that you are getting through the first couple of days with some help from the Tylenol people and listening to your own, inner intuitive. Keep listening. I'm going to listen too. I love your blog. I am inspired by your grace, candor, intelligence, wit and humor in the face of ickiness and clinical ca-ca. ending love and blessings, Nicole

joyce said...

I spoke to a friend about you with the utmost respect and awe. After we had some dinner, I raced home to read your is my nightly ritual..usually around 10 or 11 pm when all the Grants are sleeping and it is quiet and peaceful. Continue to rest and be good to yourself. You are moving forward at just the right pace.. so keep that beautiful smile on your beautiful face!! (There is my attempt at poetry).

Hugs to you and the guys!!

Juls said...

You looked great today. Glad you were able to take a nice long nap. Did you enjoy more cupcakes??

Anonymous said...

Every day is one to "rejoice and be glad in"...and we smile as we think of you journeying off to p.t. in your big hat. Strength, courage and good humor is our rx for you!

Shabbat Shalom.

Love, Marilyn, Fred and Betty

Aaron said...

Sounds pretty encouraging, actually. The total unknown of how you are doing to react to the chemo, no matter how much you've head about it, has to be a pretty darn stressful. And though obviously the experience is far from being "a nothing" (my fathers expression for something you'd worry about that would end up being much ado about...nothing), the side effects so far at least seem tolerable, which is a big relief.

So keep listening to those cues, and remember, if you are going to have to go through growing pains again,I'm sure there are a new other nostalgic references from the old days you can come up with to relive at as well. (Naps, comfort food, teasing the boys...) :)

Have a great weekend.

Aaron W

Jennie said...

You are a true inspiration Marla. It amazes me how you have such an incredible outlook on all of this. The one thing that sticks out from one of your earlier posts is to "celebrate the temporary". That is FAB! If you need any good music mixes.....let me know, I'll get em' to you in a heartbeat!
xoxoxo, Jennie

Jennie said...
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Aaron said...

Hi Marla,

Just a little "in between" post note to let you know that, as always, you are in our thoughts, prayers...and internet bookmarks. :)

Hope everyday is bringing you its fair share of little joys and victories.