Tuesday, May 27, 2008

1 Down 3 to Go!

Howdy Everyone,

Just letting you know that Chemo #1 is done, done, done. I am off to bed to get some rest so feel free to take a moment to insert your own captions. To help you all I am holding up my own snack -- cut up apples and peanut butter and some other healthy treats that I brought from home.


Ancora Imparo

P.S. We loved all of your responses to last night's posting.


Nicky P. said...

Wow! I've gotten behind on my keeping up with M & M (who needs a poke now?!). Marla - you go, Chemo-Girl! Has anyone ever told you that you look great in a hospital bed?! How DO you do it?! So glad you got the first one down. Keeping eatin' those healthy snacks - they will help. I loved, loved your 'Twas the Night Before poem (definitely better than my take on Seuss, to be sure), and way to go on reading the labels! In this day and age, one truly has to advocate for their own health care every step of the way. Sleep sweet and serenely. Sending you I.V.'s of love and healing, Nicole

Anonymous said...

DAMN!! YOU GO GIRL!!! Let those creative juices keep flowing and keep these blogs coming!! I wish I was a poet like the rest of you. Such a talent I do not have, however I make a mean manicotti and would love to be included in the dinner club (hope Stephanie or Michael is reading this). Marla, I loved seeing the photos and your beautiful face! Before you know it, you will be posting "4 Down None to Go..I AM CANCER FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You win babe...YOU WIN!!!

And when this is all behind you, you oughta think about publishing this entire blog in some way shape or form. You inspire and touch our souls deeply. It would do the same for so many others out there!! In the meantime, take care of YOU and let others do the same. We adore you!!!!


Aaron said...


So happy to hear that #1 is done! Very relieved to see tonight’s post.

Now, as requested, here are your photo captions. :)

Photo 1:
“Not one to let chemotherapy get in the way of her public appearance schedule…”

Photo 2:
“…California Peanut Butter Apple Commission spokesperson Marla Zack celebrates the beginning of their new marketing campaign: Peanut Butter, it’s not just for jelly anymore!”

Anonymous said...


"CVS Pharmacies are pleased and proud to support the Magnificant Marla as she uses pharmecuticals to fight and win her battle!!"

"IVs...thye're not just for 'drips' anymore..."

Rest well and then, the rebound!!

with love,

Marilyn, Fred and Betty

laura lyons said...

caption #1:
"the beautiful damsel showed no fear as the black blob monster slowly began to envelope the precious fluids for she was confident that the repellent made from the magic crushed legumes would soon send the fuzzy fool back to the depths from which he came"

caption #2:
'hey...you put your chemo in my peanut butter!'
'no, you put your peanut butter in my chemo!'

ps: marla: you look great!

Juls said...

I'm not so clever with the captions but I'll keep thinking. The photos are great! Keep smiling because that means you're smiling and laughing in the face of that stupid cancer.

Loved the poem. Sorry, I've been so slack on checking the blogdom. My bad. Keep feeling empowered my dear friend! We all love you.

Anonymous said...

Marla, Mike and Sully...just checked in with your blog to see how Tuesday went. It was a treat to see you in the TBH parking lot pre-chemo, and I'm glad to read the update. Hope that you feel as well today as you looked on Tuesday (both before and after). Wishing you continued strength and good humor, and judging by all the clever friends & family members who are writing it, I think you've got humor covered.

Stephanie, count me in on the Zack dinner club. I'll see if I can e-mail you via the blog thingy (I'm really behind on all this blog stuff so forgive me not knowing the terminology & protocol about doing all this).

Marla, we love you and we're sending virtual hugs your way.

Susan, Larry & Matthew

Amy said...

Caption for #1 - "There's got to be a way to make an apple martini out of this..."
LOVED The Night Before Chemo!!! It was awesome!!! Thinking good thoughts and sending white light from San Diego...