Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Time to Read...

There is nothing like a good book.
A compelling story.
Characters or Situations that you can identify with.
And that sense of loss when you reach the last page and realize that the story has been told and you have to now say goodbye to the new people that you have met.

All of these things were the case as I dove into Pretty Is What Changes by Jessica Queller. Thanks to Deb H. for lending this to me. My goodreads.com pals know that I have several books in my currently reading queue but this title jumped up front and I read it in a couple of days. This is an important book. I would prefer to not give away the story. So I have included the link to the website in this posting so you all can check it out for yourselves. http://jessicaqueller.com

It's a nice change to read a personal story in between the breast cancer books, chemotherapy pamphlets and numerous cancer related websites that have become the reading material lately.

Have a great night and whatever you are reading I hope you are enjoying it.

Ancora Imparo


joyce said...

I just started reading Marley and Me...have you heard of it??? Definitely for dog lovers and for some hearty laughter....the world's best medicine!! Each blog continue to inspire me....YOU INSPIRE ME!!!! Happy to hear about the newest family member...more love to go around!!! Mazal Tov to your dad.

Sending endless hugs and kisses!!


Aaron said...
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Aaron said...

I agree 100% with Joyce's comments. Marley and Me is an awesome book, very funny. (Mike, if your out there, you'd also enjoy/relate to it.) And yes Joyce, INSPIRE is the word...Marla you do indeed inspire us all. On a personal note, I had dental implant surgery this morning and was getting rather nervous about it last night...until I started re-reading a few of your posts. I just had to laugh and tell myself to try and muster a tiny amount of the courage, determination and optimism you've been demonstrating. And you know what? It worked.

Thinking of you, and sending lots of best wishes and prayers as always!

Aaron W

Anonymous said...

Ditto. To the comments that came before. Thanks for sending that link. The book sounds...wow - I'd like to read it. It sounds courageous and horrible and beautiful all at the same time...like someone else's story (whose name starts with an "M", ends with an "a").

Keep hanging in (and reading)!

Love to you, Mike and Sully,