Friday, May 16, 2008

Touched and Inspired...

Hi All,
This past Saturday was the EIF Revlon Run/Walk in Los Angeles at the Coliseum. 60,000 people walked together with the common goal of finding a cure for women's cancers.

An old friend (G) heard my news recently when she was fundraising for the walk. She reached out and asked if she could use my name and picture on her bib. I was so truly touched and honored to be included as part of her walk.

One of my goals for next year is to do the walk.

G's team included her daughter as well as her dear friend (NC) who has breast cancer. I was truly touched to be included on the team bib along with NC. G sent me a couple articles about NC and her family that were in the press recently. I have attached the links so you all can learn about this amazing lady. Talk about inspiration!,0,7475889.column

As the week winds down there are a few things we now know:
  1. The drain is still in and draining.
  2. It's really hot in Burbank.
  3. I started physical therapy.
  4. It's really really hot in Burbank.
  5. Guided Imagery is sometimes a great place to take a nap.
  6. I still have an accumulation of fluid on the right side.
  7. Mike and I continue to find humor in all of this.
  8. Jamba Juice moved into the neighborhood and it is a nice walk from home!
So next week we will see if we are closer to getting the drain out and beginning the next part of my breast cancer adventure. Since I will have Chemo -- my plan is to not allow Chemo to have me. Meaning that while there are several known side effects -- I have discovered two new mantras: everyone reacts differently & take one day at a time and my tried and true mantra still rings true during all of this and that is: celebrate the temporary.

By the way when I talk about side effects I know that I will be losing my hair and am now embracing that fact. Who knows maybe I will start a trend of of super cool people who prefer to be bald... Humor me. It could happen!

Enjoy today!

Ancora Imparo


Nicole said...

This is what I know:
1) You are amazing, Marla
2) It's HOT in Palm Springs
3) Your friend walking for a cure in your name is WAY cool!
4) It's ridiculously HOT in Palm Springs!
5) That story about Nancy IS inspirational.
6) You will always look great regardless if you are bald, mohawked, beehived or cornrowed ( one looks great in cornrows - excepting Bo Derek in 10)
7) Affirmations work.
8) You're planning to retire to a godforsaken planet between the months of May and October.
9) The continual postings on Five Pokes always make me look up and say, "tahnk you."
10) You are loved.

Celebrating the temporary right along with you, Mike & Sully -
XXOO Nicole

Aaron said...

Hi Marla!

The drain sounds...draining...but it also sounds like you are taking it in stride. In fact, it sounds like you are taking all of this in stride. The walk last week sounds like in was a very inspirational stride. Am I noting a theme here? I guess its that you are striding right!

The whole bald thing is an interesting point. I think the problem is a serious lack of female role models in this area. I mean, let's face it, you have Sinéad O'Connor, but her baldness had notoriety like 20 years ago. Then there's Persis Khambatta, but unless you are a hardcore Trekee who remembers that she played Illia in the first Star Trek movie, then that's not going to get you far. For a more contemporary example, there is of course Britney Spears , but I'm not exactly sure that's the kind of trend you really want to be associated with!

Now, role models aside, there is a benefit here you may not have thought of. You touched on the whole "its hot in Burbank" thing (and trust he, its not just Burbank...its 105 in the West Valley as I type this), and let me tell you, bald=cool, as in comfortable. After having shoulder length hair for most of my adult time, I decided to give the bald thing a try for a month two summers ago, and I actually loved it. It was super comfortable, and everyone I encountered suddenly cowered in fear and acted like I was going to kick their butt. Now, people who know me know I'm quite mild mannered, but I nevertheless found the reaction very amusing. So my suggestion is channel your inner Sarah Conner (think Terminator 2) and enjoy the new super tough persona!

Okay, thats it for now. Keep taking it one day at a time, and don't get to have something nice and cool to drink until this heat breaks.

Take Care,
Aaron W

PS You know, we need to talk Mike into shaving his head. The bald couple would be the funniest thing ever. People will think you've started your own religion. :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Marla,

I am touched and constantly inspired by YOU. And Mike and Sully as well.

As you start heading down this new path, please know that you have a lot of people walking beside you --some you can see and some you can't -- but we are all carrying a picture of you in our hearts.

What a tremendous friend you have to do The Walk with you in mind, and I agree, how inspiring is your friend Nancy.

It's hot in No. Hollywood too. Let's hope that better days are ahead, and waiting just around the corner. And I'm not just talking about the weather.

Susan, Larry & Matthew

Anonymous said...

Whenever things pile up on me, I say to myself, "This is the day that that Lord hath made...let us rejoice and be glad in it." And I then set out to find the thing(s) to be glad about. This is tougher some days than others...but it does help me to realize that everything is temporary...the good stuff and the bad stuff, too.

We are about to have Havdalah...Victoria and Marlee are here to have a sleep-over...The beginning of a new week filled with hope and potential.

We love you.

Marilyn, Fred and Betty

Juls said...

Isn't that story about NC also amazing? I totally remember her from my dcp days. And quite the honor what G did with your photo on her bib. Can I walk with you next year??

I'm thinking you'll totally start a new fashion trend when you lose your hair. You'll look just great. I think you should have a bunch of different wigs like Samantha in "Sex & The City" when she had BC. Every scene she had new hair. It was fabulous. And the cute boyfriend shaved his head in support. I'm thinking the Bald Zackini's can work something up for the Telethon.

Love you my friend!!

Anonymous said...

Count me in for the walk next year. I'd be honored to walk by your side (along with countless others I'm sure!). As for the hair, maybe this heat is God's way of 'motivating' you to WANT to get rid of it!!! Just a thought...

Lots of love to all the Zacks,