Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Power of The Blog...

This blog has been a great way for us to share what is happening with family, friends and now beyond.

I received an email in direct response to the blog from a young mom in Burbank who was recently diagnosed with BC. Mike and I have had several conversations with her and her husband to share what we have learned thus far and continue to offer our support. Like us they have a young child and a family history of breast cancer. Tomorrow N will have her surgery and we will keep her, her husband J and daughter J in our thoughts as they take this journey.

Shortly before N reached out I met S at the Cancer Survivor Day that was held a few weeks ago. S went through her surgeries last week and has done amazingly well thus far. She too is part of the BC sisterhood. I enjoy her emails and look forward to connecting with her in person.

This is a difficult unpredictable journey and while the continued support of family and friends is absolutely essential to healing -- there is a connection about being able to share this process with others in a similar situation that is also vitally important.

Prior to my surgery and initial Chemo treatment I was given wonderful advice from several cancer survivors -- Those ladies and one very special gent made a tremendous impact on me. Their care and concern and the knowledge that they shared has helped and continues to help.

Now I feel it is my turn. If I am able to impart something that can help other people going through this then I feel like I have achieved something. It is my way of giving back.

Thank you for continuing to make me (and M and S) feel so blessed.

Ancora Imparo


Anonymous said...

G-d bless you for reaching out to others during your time of hardship and challenge. Everyone is strengthened by your courage and conection. We love you.

Marilyn, Fred and Betty

Juls said...

Not only do you feel blessed, you ARE blessed. You're blessed with an endless supply of love between the three of you. An endless supply of love from all your friends and family and now you can share some of that love with others. They're drawn to you because you're an amazing person. This whols thing is a challenge but nothing that you can't handle. Piece of cupcake ;-)

Aaron said...

It’s rather amazing that in such an increasingly impersonal world that that the technology that some feel only further serves to isolate us can, in fact, bring us so much closer together. This blog is a great case in point.

Here is another: I received an email from my sister this morning. While not quite spam, it was a note she sent out to a large group of people. She was writing on behalf of her friend J, who is taking part in the Pan Mass Challenge, a 192 mile long bike-a-thon that raises money for the Jimmy Fund, a noted charity fighting childhood cancers in Boston, and the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, a world renowned teaching hospital that’s part of Harvard University. Our father was treated at Dana Farber, and my sisters email pointed out that J would be riding the challenge with a ribbon on her helmet inscribed with our dad’s name. I signed up to sponsor J in her ride, and had a nice email from her thanking me for the support. After trading correspondence, I am pleased to say that J will also be wearing one more ribbon on her 192 mile ride, this one honoring my friend Marla.

Have a great holiday weekend.