Monday, July 7, 2008

Chemo Brain...

Howdy Folks,

Happy Monday. It is the day before my 3rd Chemo and I have begun to take the barrage of meds that help me through the Chemo process. At the advice of my oncologist I have added a new one to the arsenal and I am hopeful it will help out a lot this week.

Last night we went to the mall and I met up with some ladies who are also plagued by Chemo Brain. Not the best photo of myself but the ladies look fabulous!For those that are saying "I don't get it" let me explain. Chemo Brain is a very real side effect where you at times can feel very hmmm let me just say from my personal experience STUPID (like you don't have your head) some other people say they feel as if they are in a fog. A cancer survivor expressed it quite eloquently when she said: "I exhibit signs of ADD and Alzheimer's." In my case I find that I do things that are pretty silly. And it is more than misplacing car keys (Chemo or not we are all guilty of that one!)

My first moment was while making dinner: I burned sweet potatoes, in addition I have forgotten how to turn the shower on, forgotten how to turn the shower off, checked every piece of mail I dropped into the mail box for stamps and still managed to send a letter without one only to have it returned... let's see what other moments of silliness have I had lately oh I like this, washing my hands and reaching for the soap and turning on the garbage disposal instead. I even managed to send a bill back to myself -- that takes talent. Oh and Mike and Sully and I have watched numerous programs lately that I have no recollection of. I insist I have not seen them and they smile and say yes we watched it together. To which I shake my head and say "really?" These moments definitely keep you on your toes and people have been genuinely kind so you really only feel like an idiot to yourself. I am getting in the habit of writing everything down in the hopes I don't miss something.

A friend called me the other day to tell me she had missed her Chemo appointment because she simply forgot which further validates that I am not alone. Thanks to my Cancer101 day planner (a gift from the Providence St. Joseph Breast Center) I am making all my appointments and if I remember to check I am usually on time or early.

We'll see if CB rears its head during my 3rd cycle. I try not to take it all too seriously unless I am cooking.

Ancora Imparo


joyce said...

I don't know if you had any bouts of chemo brain today during our precious time together, but it was definitely not evident to me!! What was evident was that I had the extreme priviledge of being in your company. You answered all my questions with humor and honesty. you bared your beautiful, wise head to me, shared a yummy lunch and great conversation with me and introduced me to a fabulous book store! And it was so great to see Mike too! Thank you for sharing the afternoon with me..I am honored to your friend!!! You will conquer chemo #3 and laugh at it in the face!! And if you don't feel like laughing, then just look at those sunflowers and feel my love!

With you all the way,

Anonymous said...

Mar - I love the pic of you and the "girls" at the mall. At least you have a reason for your "brain". I have absolutely no reason for mine! I leave water running, stoves lit, dryers running with nothing in them....I haven't left the boys anywhere (yet), how many kids do I have??? I love you forgetful or not. I'm just impressed that you are cooking sweet potatos (so good) and that you are so strong. My love to you my friend! Lis

Juls said...

Chemo Brain meets Preggo Brain. Nice to meet ya. You'll be coming out of it when I hit it full steam. Between the two of us, we might remember how to answer a phone.