Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Salutations from Chemo #3...

I am happy to share that Chemo 3 is behind me.

My magnificent Mike is under a huge deadline for a Disney Project (that I can't discuss) and feels absolutely terrible about not being able to be with me today -- I assured him I would be fine an he was very happy to hear that my little sis R was able to arrange her schedule and be my chemo buddy. M and I where able to talk a few briefly times during chemo (cell phones are amazing.) I am continually blessed to have M by my side and know that this has been incredibly hard on him and the rest of our family and friends.

Prior to being taken back into the infusion room I met with my Oncologist to make sure my levels were high enough to receive Chemo. Happily my white count was hire then then last week and the week prior but to be on the safe side I will be getting a Neulasta injection at the hospital in the early afternoon tomorrow to boost my white count.

One I got settled in the infusion area it was time to go through my drill. I scoped out the comfy chairs and waiting patiently for one to free up. Once settled I had my port flushed out a final time before I received an injection of Aloxi (ant-emetic) For all the hot flashes of late I certainly felt like my old self with my collection of blankets. Thanks to Beck for continuing to pile them on. We were up to four by the time we were done. And dare I say I could have used a 5th.

Thanks to Deb and Howard I was rocking out with Marla's Warrior Mix and Marla's Quiet Mix. A first opportunity to listen -- great CD's -- my kind of music. I can't wait to listen to the others.

My sis and I had some nice talks and hate a nice lunch and both had a chance to read and rest. And then we were pretty much done 4+ hours seemed to go very quickly today... Chemo was really uneventful. So far no rashes or side effects that need immediate assistance. I am quite tried so it won't be a late night. I have already had one nap and see the need for several others in the future.

I came home and dozed off on the couch and woke up to Sully getting home from another magnificent day of camp. A big thanks to N, N and J from dropping him off. He is ready for Tae Kwon Do and is kicking back and relaxing. So in another hour we will take the short walk up the street and drop him off.

While I am being reminded that I need to live in the "here and the now"or as we said in acting class so many years ago "in the moment" there are a few goals for the remainder of the week that I feel are manageable -- when we talk about healing my mind, my body and my spirit I really feel that these goals come into play:

Wednesday, 7/9
Tomorrow attend Sully's Mom's Muffins at camp
Attend Physical Therapy session (I think it is my last one)
At 2P I will need to get to the Hospital for the neulasta injection (boosts white blood count)

Thursday, 7/10
Attend my weekly support group
Depending on how I fee another weSpark Class

Saturday, 7/12
Attend Tae Kwon Do Sully's Belt Test (going from Green to Green Stripe)
Attend our dear friend Molly's "Gotcha" Day celebration

I am so grateful to have Chemo 3 behind me and the treatment phase hopefully winding down. I feel like I am moving that much closer to beginning recovery and healing.

That's our update. As always thank your keeping us in your thoughts and prayers.

Ancora Imparo


joyce said...

YAAAAHOOOOOO!!!! Bravo to the brave and courageous Zack family and the biggest hoorah to their fearless leader Marla, who has conquered #3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Take as many damn naps as you'd like and keep up the hard work. You continue to leave me speechless!!

All my love

Anonymous said...

# 3 is history, we all are thrilled to know...
That's because the 3 of us just love you so.

We want you in high spirits, filled with energy and glee...
But we want you, most of all, to take it easy, as you'll see.

Bouncing back ASAP has always been your style...
Please give yourself permission to take a little while.

If you go into a chillin' mode that's geared toward relaxation...
Upon your battered body you will put far less taxation!

After spending many hours in a super-relaxed state,
You will rise up and be ready...tackling anything on your plate!

Believing and envisioning an end to all this grief...
Will help you see the tunnel's end in oh-so-sweet relief!

Take care and give some kisses to Sully and to Mike...
Keep a hug just for yourself...the kind that you most like.

Marilyn, Fred and Betty

Anonymous said...

Yeah 3 down! You are such an inspiration. It's good to know that some chairs are more comfortable than others, especially if you're going to be there 4+ hours. Hope you're able to enjoy the rest of the week.


Aaron said...


I read your posts and quite frankly, more often than not they just leave me speechless. This is one of those days when I read what you are going through and realize that on an almost daily basis that you display more courage, determination, humor and chutzpah than most of us can manage in a lifetime. I know it’s a role you never wanted and would be happy to give up in a nanosecond, but I've got to tell you, from the heart, that you are truly an inspiration.

Rest up, and keep setting those goals. I know you will achieve each and every one.

All the best,