Saturday, July 26, 2008

Summer Fruit and New Shoes...

This past week went by very quickly. In a few days I will have my last Chemo. And in a few weeks I am hopeful that my pre diagnosis energy level will begin to return.

I spent some time at weSpark this week attending my support group and creative writing.

In creative writing our facilitator passed out nectarine slices as one of our prompts -- as we took our slice our time to write began. This is what I wrote.
It tastes like summer
It smells carefree

It looks like a slice of the sun

So what does it mean to me?

Summer is a stress free time
An opportunity to move at an easier pace
Somehow the pressure of spring, winter and fall melt away during the summer

I am not sure why this is --
Conditioning of childhood
Longing of a simpler time
Being tucked in at night
Being read to
Being nurtured

I look at the children at play and think don't be in such a rush to grow up

Relish your youth
Like the nectarine slice take small bites to savor it
Maybe that way it will last a little bit longer
Our next prompt was "New Shoes" this is what I wrote.
There is nothing like a pair of new shoes. The Psychic told me several things when I had my session with him six years ago. He said her hair is long, she is laughing, she is pain-free and she has lots of shoes.

My Mom always had a tremendous sense of style from head to toe. She passed her love of shoes onto me.

When I finally outgrew having to wear black and white oxfords in a double "A" it was glorious --

I could be like the other kids and get Keds -- Red Keds and Blue Keds. Those simple sneakers became so important to me. I was no longer the skinny kid with the "special" shoes. I was a regular kid.
I look forward to the new week and celebrate that my last Chemo will be completed.

Ancora Imparo

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Anonymous said...

We love what you penned in the creative writing class...especially, the thoughts on new shoes. As a narrow-footed person, Marilyn can especially relate!

Go confidently into the coming week, knowing that this "end" marks a new beginning, with happy, fun-filled days ahead.

Love always.
Marilyn, Fred and Betty