Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bathed in Blessings...

Hi, Mike here.

Since tomorrow is surgery, I thought I'd add a little something to the blog before going to bed.

Going through something like this isn't much fun. In fact, it pretty much sucks on all levels. It's like a scary roller coaster ride with no operator -- you just keep going around and around and around until you feel as if that cheap hot dog you ate is about to come up.

Plain and simple, I'm a "fixer." I like to fix things. Fixing is something I'm good at. But here I am, the "Bob Villa" of our little home (please note that, unlike Bob Villa, I do my own work) watching the love of my life go through something that I can't "fix." And that really chaps my ass. (I know, Bob Villa would never say that...).

Breast Cancer sucks. It really, really sucks. It sucks for Marla. It sucks for me. It sucks for all of you because you care.

But... on the eve of surgery... WE ARE BATHED IN BLESSING. We are ALL bathed in blessing.

You people out there -- our friends, family, doctors -- you all bathe us in bright light, holy prayer, blessing and love. And we feel it. And we appreciate it. And we love you for it.

It's like a bubble of love that has surrounded us since we first found out about Marla's diagnosis. And it's a healing bubble. And we feel that too. And as the bubble grows (thanks to more and more of you sending even MORE love), it engulfs us all -- and grows even stronger. We feel it. We really do.

Tomorrow will be a hard day. But the day after will be better. And at the end of each day, we'll continue to count the blessings we have...and cherish the family and friends in our lives.

They say visualization is good. So here's what I see. I see Marla and I, in our 80's, in a retirement community in Palm Springs. We're gray. We're old. But we're laughing. And we're together. And my god... we're so happy.

My love to you all for sending your love to us. Thanks for bathing us in blessing.

Ancora Imparo.


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Ellen said...

Our prayers, love, and blessings continue to be sent to you. Everyone should have you by their side. We feel blessed to be in your circle.