Friday, April 4, 2008

Moving Forward...

I thought Moving Forward was an apt title for this posting. Today marked the 20 year anniversary since my Mom passed away from BC. (That's a pic of my mom and I from a college sorority weekend back in 1986.)

It is amazing to think it has been twenty years. So much has happened and while I feel older and wiser and have become a wife and mother myself -- part of me still feels the same. I had some quiet time this morning to reflect and light a yarzheit candle.

We are really making progress and I have to say it feels great. Today I met (via the phone) our case manager from the insurance company. She will be not only my liaison but all of the different billing coordinators liaison so this should avoid delays with needing approvals and authorizations and I won't have to deal with the automated voice prompts -- man those drive me crazy some times. I am happy to report that after giving her the names of my team of doctors she phoned back and reported that they are all in network. That was great news as I am really pleased with my team and know I am in great hands.

Next week we will get some answers and get this big ball in motion. Monday and Tuesday are big days. Monday I will go back to the surgeons office and solidify the procedures that I will be having. I am hopeful that at that time they will be able to give me the date for my surgery. Tuesday I will be spending most of the day at the hospital having several tests: CT Scan, Echo, Bone Scan and Chest XRay.

We have been so deeply moved by the tremendous wishes of support, prayer and love that are coming our way. The cookies, flowers, phone calls, emails, cards, "miracle" bubbles, flowers, more cookies, more flowers, more emails and more phone calls are all truly appreciated and most certainly welcome. Please know that we are all truly touched by the effort to keep us in your thoughts. Thanks to Michele Zug. for the hilarious Ohio News clip. The funny stuff really puts a smile on my face! In case you haven't seen it check it out.

So if you come across anything funny send it our way.

Ancora Imparo


Juls said...

I got the link to the Disco Friday and it's hilarious. Didn't know it was in Ohio.

I was talking with someone at BB about your Mom knowing that the yahrzeit was this week. I didn't remember the exact day but I remember the funeral being on the 6th (my Dad's bday). I know how much you miss your Mom. She was a wonderful lady and I'm honored to say that I knew her. Wish we could say we were best friends back then so I could've known her better but I still remember so many things from being at your house in high school. I love the photo.

CBD Simplist said...

You were in college in that photo?! I would have guessed not a day over 14 :)... here's my contribution to the funny video pile:

oh and I love this Kaiser Permanente kid too: