Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Who Are the People in Your Neighborhood...

Since this official journey began just shy of a week ago I have met some truly special people thus far who I know will enhance this experience through their wisdom, compassion, humor and guidance.

Sharon is amazing and not just because she gave me the groovy
"I have Breast Cancer" tote bag.
I am not kidding.
It is a great tote bag.
One of the many things she does is to assist those that have been recently diagnosed and help them get focused on the tasks at hand.
Who knew my production background would come in so handy!
She is insightful, hilarious and a joy to work with.
I say "work" because curing this cancer is my new career.
And Sharon is a great co-worker!

Bebe will be there to help "Glam" me up a bit and give me tips about
Wigs, Make-up and Accessories and fit me for the appropriate undergarments one wears after surgery. While we haven't met in person yet she was an absolute hoot on the phone.

Today I went to The weSpark Cancer Support Center.
I dropped off Sully at school and decided to check it out.
It was early and I just walked in.
It was peaceful and welcoming.
I met several people.
And out of respect for the confidentiality I will not state their names.
But as mentioned when I started this post they will enhance this experience greatly.
I had my intake interview and passed... I think it is a formality but isn't it funny the sense of validation we get when we pass something?!
(Just something to ponder.)
This means that I can take advantage of all of the wonderful programs they offer and I plan to do just that.

Sully seems to be handling things well.
Like Mike and I, he is anxious for me to start treatments or as he said yesterday morning "Take my medicine."
I understand the delay -- I don't necessarily like it but I do understand that the right treatment and to be on the right path takes time.
And while it may seem like a long time this is only the 5th business days since diagnosis.
I am happy to report that the phone just rang and (2) of the (3) remaining screening tests have just been approved by insurance so those can now be scheduled. Yippee!

Ancora Imparo


Anonymous said...

Now that we are back in town, we got this horrifying news...but we all know on this end that the Big C is not unbeatable. We will hope, pray, curse and cry with the rest of the people in this neighborhood...and we will all be victorious!!

With love always, Marilyn, Fred & Betty

Juls said...

Where's the picture of the uber-groovy tote bag??

Anonymous said...

Marla and Mike,
Wow....just shy of a week and look at how much you have already accomplished ! and the people you have met ! and the prayers you have received ! Impressive....just as your family is and you will kick the big C's ass!!
thinking of you,
Lisa ( Jamie's mom)

Paula Marquez said...

My heart and prayers are with you. My mom went through this when I was 10 - 11. Call me if you need anything and I mean anything, and as the song says, "I'll be there." XOXO