Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Testing 1, 2, 3...

Today was a big day!
Mike (bless his heart) got me to the hospital right on time for a day full of tests.

We started in radiology admitting with Lottie (she checked us in.) Thus beginning our tour of the various areas in the hospital. Lottie by the way is a fan of "Scrombled Eggs." You probably had to be there for that one. But it put a smile on our faces.

First up was the injection for the bone scan, followed by a CT Scan, a Chest X-Ray and then an Echo.

At some point in the waiting portion of our program we got the call that my Surgery has been scheduled for Thursday, 4/17 -- that was a great phone call to get.

We had time for a little lunch and then ran over to the surgeons office to pick up the order for surgery and then went back to the hospital for my Bone Scan.

All in all the tests were uneventful.
My doctors will have the results in the next few days.

It feels great to have these tests behind me and to know that we are on our way.
Surgery is in 9 days!

Ancora Imparo

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