Sunday, April 27, 2008

Post Surgery Goals

Hi All,

Happy Sunday!
It is a hot one here.
Partly cloudy and 93 degrees.
It has been 10 days since my surgery.

Prior to surgery I set 4 post surgery goals.
And I am happy to share that as of yesterday afternoon I achieved 3 of them.
Not bad at all.

Goal #1 was to attend our Wednesday guided imagery session at weSpark with Mike. We attended and both took the direction as set forth by the class facilitator. (More on Guided Imagery in a later post.)

Goal #2 was to attend my group session on Thursday evening at weSpark -- unfortunately I did not reach this goal but for good reason. We had the 3.5 hour welcome to Chemotherapy lesson (more on this later) in the morning in Burbank followed by a 3.5 hour genetic counseling appointment in the early afternoon at Cedars. By the time we got home I just wanted to have some down time with my family. So I am hopeful I will get to my session this Thursday.

Goal #3 was to attend the annual Burbank On Parade. It can not compare to the magnitude of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade or the Rose Parade but it is special to all of us in the Zack household for many reasons. The parade happens to fall on the last weekend of April which is always close to Mike's birthday (4/28 for those playing along.) Sully likes the parade because he feels it is for his Daddy's birthday and "because you get to look at all the people in their outfits and it's just a really fun event." For Mike and I it reminds us of something simpler. It is a tradition for us similar to July 4th (we see the fireworks from up the street) or St. Patty's Day (we get Corned Beef and Cabbage at our local family restaurant the Tallyrand.) It is so homespun as you can see from the pics. The Grand Marshall this year was Anson Williams. That's right folks Potsie Weber was here in our 'hood -- cruising down Olive. A couple years back the Grand Marshall was the grizzled actor from the Black Angus commercials. The floats are classic cars or flat bed trucks with various Burbank officials waving to all of us -- we cheer our Mayor, and school board officials as they drive by and give big cheers for Ronald McDonald, Bugs Bunny or Mickey Mouse. Sully gets a kick out of all of the free stuff. He came home with some candy, and even got a mini ice cream cone from the Cowpie Dairy, some pin wheels and an American flag. It felt great to be able to attend the parade -- take the short walk up the street and watch as the marching bands went by. Since this years theme was the 1950's there were several Elvis' and lots of poodle skirts. I got a chuckle out of the advertisement for a local chiropractor that said "do you want a Pelvis like Elvis".

Goal #4 was to attend Sully's Tae Kwon Do Belt presentation. He received his green belt and is now officially intermediate. Since Grandma Miriam was still in town we gave her the honor of presenting the belt to Sully. The afternoon included a demo from the black belts which was very funny and very entertaining. The apple on the sword is still amazing to watch and everyone getting sprayed with bits of flying apple makes for a laugh.

An added bonus this past week is that Whiskers Rusty Disco Carmel Zack is finally home after his 6 week vacation at the animal hospital. He is ringworm free and loving being in the center of our living room. He is getting used to the Wii -- he was a little skittish at first but now seems to be rooting Sully on as he quickly becomes an expert at Wii Sports. He loves Romaine lettuce, cucumbers and carrots and gets very excited when we bring them to him.

It has been fun to visit with so many this week and to continually be showered with thoughts, prayers and assorted goodies.

For those that have taken the personal quest to fatten me up a little -- thank you. The goodies are all really yummy. And if anyone can tell me where the cancer sucketh T-shirt came from please let me know. It arrived yesterday with a meditation CD and dog tags -- all the way from Virginia and mighty cool -- but no note...

My love to you all.
Hope you are having a blessed day.

Ancora Imparo



Aaron said...

Aloha from Hawaii (its actually cooler here than LA) and Happy Birthday Mike! Remember, there are many benefits to getting older...I'll let you know what they are as soon as I figure them out.

Marla, its really amazing how only 10 days after surgery that you are so active. You are even putting those of us who haven't had surgery to shame! The sheer normalcy of what you've been able to do (and of your post) speaks volumes on your will, and success, in beating this thing. Fight on!

The parade sounds (and looks) really cute. Its always amazed me how Burbank not only manages to have its own identity in the shadow of LA (though I guess we have Johnny Carson to thank for that) but also really does have a small town feel in a lot ways...Ikea not withstanding!

Oh, and Sully, congrats on the Green Belt...and be glad mom and dad didn't name you Whiskers Rusty Disco Carmel. :)

Sending much love and Aloha your way...Aaron W

Juls said...

Awesome on the green belt. Big accomplishment and I'm sure it was special that Grandma Miriam was there to see the presentation.

Great parade.

Don't worry too much about missing the Thursday meeting in terms of goal setting. It's not like you were being lazy or something like that. You need to take care of yourself too and not do TOO Much.

It's all good.

Anonymous said...

How great you sound...and how thrilled we all are that this is so!

We leave for Gainesville in an is tomorrow.

Keep smiling and managing a parade upon which it will not rain!!!

Always... Marilyn, Fred 7 Betty

lisa s said...

Amen Zack family !!! Glad to see
new posts on the blog. You guys are truly amazing and inspirational!! Happy Birthday to
you Mike and here is to a cancer
free, butt kicking Marla !!
Lisa ( as in Strickler and member of the Zack spirit recovery team ).
P.S. I got to Seder in the Desert late, but I bet Rabbi Jim said a Mi Shebeirach for you !!

Nicky P. said...

Mazel Tov, Congrats, YaHOO and a BIG WAY FLIPPIN' COOL on meeting your goals!!! So what if one wasn't TOTALLY met...YOU are amazing, Marla! You are the Energizer G.I. Lara Croft of humanity!!! Love the parade and pet pics (how's that for alliteration?!) and sending a Gi-NORMOUS Happy Birthday shout to Mike! Lots of love and good vibes for continuous healing, health and happiness (uh, huh - and more alliteration) - Nicole

joyce said...

SOOOOOOOO Gooooood to hear such wonderful news!!! The simple pleasures in life...a neighborhood parade, a green belt in karate and an adorable guinea pig with a name that takes the cake!!!! makes for many smiles and warm fuzzies. You continue to amaze us all. You fight like a real champion and clearly, you already are the winner!!!! I always look forward to the next blog to hear good news. A very big YAY to Sully on his great accomplishment!! Please send an extra Hooray to him from Jenna!!! Continue to eat well, sleep soundly, think positively and take in all the love and support that continues to come your way!!! With endless hugs....Joyce