Friday, April 11, 2008

Validated, Blessed, Honored...

I went to my first group session last night at weSpark.

I didn't know what to expect. I just knew it was something I needed to do. Those in attendance all had breast cancer and as different as we all are -- so are the choices we have made for treatment (whether in the past, present or near future.)

As I left the session and headed on home I felt three things:

Validated, Blessed and Honored

Validated by the choices that I have made thus far with regard to my treatment (for those playing the home game Surgery is Thursday, 4/17.)

Blessed with the amazing support system both spiritually and medically.

Honored that my wonderful husband and my beautiful son are by my side -- that while I travel on this journey I am not facing it alone -- I have Mike in my corner to help me navigate through all of this and to support me in all of the decisions that lay ahead.

One of the ladies mentioned that she felt like her cancer was an uninvited house guest. Someone that had simply barged into her life and home unwelcome and most certainly unwanted. That comment made me think of something Casey had sent earlier in the week.


Ancora Imparo

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Ellen said...

Marla, "You are amazing"...You are already a winner...To Mike and Sully... "You are real heroes." Whatever and however you are doing and acting, it is obviously working. No uninvited guests are allowed... Aunt Ellen (Uncle Morty)