Monday, August 11, 2008

Another Step Forward...


I had my weekly appointment with my ONC today.
My levels are really, really good post Chemo #4.
And I don't have to go back for 3 weeks! Yippee!

My ONC gave me the thumbs up that I can move forward with scheduling my port-a-cath removal and hysterectomy for the end of September (both can be done during the same surgery.) I am waiting to hear the official date it is scheduled for.

I picked up my Tamoxifen prescription today. Since I have two antibiotics left from my sinus infection I will start the above mentioned on Sunday. I want to give my self a chance to get that out of my system before introducing something new.

Mike and I met a prospective reconstruction surgeon today. We saw what the expander looks like and held both saline and silicone implants. It was quite an education. We have a lot to think about as we continue to navigate down the reconstruction highway. Since choosing delayed reconstruction we have time to look at all the options. Based on my size and my bleeding disorder the flap procedures (and there are a lot of those) are not in my best interest. I will be going with expanders and implants and there are 4 phases to this choice which take about 1 year to complete. There are a few more surgeons that we want to contact before we make our final decision of who we will go with.

I loved all the comments on the last blog posting.

Your continued support has made and continues to make a huge impact on my healing and recovery.

Ancora Imparo


Anonymous said...

How great that the news from all the docs is so positive and informative! I gather from your silence that the sinus infection has lost its impact...It is good that you are almost through with the anibiotic.

Once you schedule the hysterectomy and the port-a-cath removal, do you wait at least 6 weeks for the reconstruction business to start? You said it would be in 4 phases...are all of these under general anesthesia, or are some of them done with a local?

It is great that you are consulting several surgeons...I believe in having choices!!

Fred goes back to Shands for a followup visit in about 3 weeks. Please hold us in your we hold you.


Marilyn, Fred and Betty

laura said...

wow. it's so interesting. now the cancer's gone, and there's this whole other bunch of stuff to get thru. it's like a lot of things in life, i guess. just when you think you can take a breath, new needs arise. well, let's all take a breath anyway, and i'll stay tuned for the next installments. xo