Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Graduation of Sorts...

Hi All,

Happy Wednesday! It is one week since my last Chemo and it has been quite an interesting week. I recovered nicely from my Friday wonkiness but did not feel quite back to normal. As it turns out in the wee hours of Tuesday (3A actually) a sinus infection hit me like a steam roller -- I tried to meditate on the sinus pressure/pain, I tried some visualization, I tried to ignore it and then I let out a few expletives and made my way bleary eyed into the kitchen where I took Tylenol and Sudafed and then went back to bed. A quick call in the morning to my ONC and I was picking up a course of antibiotics. Thankfully they have begun to kick in and I am feeling more energized and more like myself. I am continuing to take the time to really rest so this infection does not linger.

Today I had my last day of physical therapy. I was officially discharged. The ladies that have been helping me to regain my mobility are true angels. When I started they were concerned with my post mastectomy range of motion. And since I want to have reconstruction surgery we had our work cut out for us. My upper body needs to be strong enough to support my new breasts and I needed the ability to raise both arms up above my head -- a task that was not possible when I started a few months ago. Now I have full range of motion and exercises that I can continue to do on my own to keep stiffness from setting in and maintain the mobility.

Several people gave me the advice to keep moving when I started Chemo and I think that really helped to get my mind (and body) in motion. I am very grateful for that piece of advice.

Ancora Imparo


Aaron said...


Congratulations on taking yet another big step forward, even as you had to fight off the sinus infection (a real bummer). The progress you've made in physical therapy sounds great and certainly bodes well for your ability to stand up to the physical riggers that still lay ahead. Your determination to keep pushing forward (while of course also getting enough rest) continues to impress and inspire!

Keep fighting the good fight, and will will continue to cheer you on!


Anonymous said...

Thank G-d you jumped on top of that sinus infection pronto! The antibiotics will make short work of this intruder, we are certain.

As for your physical therapy...keep up the exercises and the determination. You are only as strong as your will dictates!

Onward and upward!

Marilyn, Fred and Betty

Stephenie said...

Keep going my dear. I am so proud of you and we will continue to cheer you and Mike and Sully on!!!
God Bless - Love, Stephenie

Anonymous said...

Hey Mama - so happy that you graduated!!!! Sorry about the sinus, that's why your nose was bugging. Keep up the great physical work, your dilligence is paying off! Our love to you, Lis, Robert, Bo & Ty. P.S. tell Sully the boys miss him, Ty organized his Pokemon book just like him!!