Sunday, August 3, 2008

Breast Cancer Strikes Again...

Looks like breast cancer has just struck again.
Christina Applegate was just diagnosed and it was made public.
The link below is one of the articles that was just posted.

Personally I wish her only the best. I am sure she has a brilliant medical team and a lot of support both personally and from a far. The fact that she has a family history (her Mom battled breast cancer) is probably one of the reasons she was being monitored so closely and it was caught so early.

To all you ladies (regardless of your age) please make your appointment for your mammogram, ultra sound or MRI -- What are you waiting for?
Mike and I love your support and don't want to see you affected by this.

Ancora Imparo


Lynn said...

A picture speaks a 1,000 words on the subject of wonkiness. Sometimes the body must just wonk. No moving forward and not moving back but a place to do a gentle just being before being ready to move forward again.

Wonkiness responds well to kindness and cuddliness from the self.


Anonymous said...

Marilyn's appointment is next week...Thanks for the reminder!

Marilyn, Fred and Betty