Friday, August 29, 2008

Playing Nice in the Sandbox...

Howdy Folks,

My new friend, Tamoxifen, and I are trying to peacefully coexist.

I am only scheduled to be on this for another four weeks until my Hysterectomy (9/25). I can tell you that the side effects are real. According to the National Cancer Institute not all people (men are put on this too) have side effects. I am just lucky I guess. I am doing what I can to not let them get the best of me. For the most part I feel like I am succeeding. The biggest challenges I have been feeling are the fatigue, swollen ankles, persistent nausea and a new one, bloating. I am hopeful that my body will acclimate soon to the Tamoxifen and the side effects will subside or the four weeks will breeze by and I will no longer be on it -- either one is fine.

Now that I am done with Chemo (it has been 4 weeks and 3 days since my last one) I am able to take care of a few things like visiting the Dentist and the Dermatologist. The recent trip to the Dentist illuminated the fact that I have a cracked tooth under a crown so I get to take care of that this week. The recent trip to the dermatologist led to a biopsy of two moles. Amazing what you discover when you no longer have a head of hair. It turns out that out of the two biopsied one needs to be removed while it is not skin cancer (thank g-d) but it does have the ever so slight potential that it could turn into a melanoma. So my DERM heavily suggests having it removed now and since I am waiting for my hair to grow back in there is no time like the present.

That's the update for the moment.

Wishing you a Happy Labor Day weekend.

Be sure to tune in and watch the Stars come out to support Jerry and his Kids.

Ancora Imparo


Aaron said...

Howdy Marla,

Why the heck is it that the road to wellness seems to look at times a lot more like a 12 round prize fight with you in one corner and a bunch of folks in white coats in the other? At this point in the fight, you've got to be vacillating between "enough already!" and "okay suckers, you want to fight, just bring it on!". I think I'm going to start visualizing you with with a pair of red boxing gloves, one of those cool padded head protectors, your teeth clenching a mouth guard, and gesturing in a menacing fashion to every obstacle that tries to stand in your way to come and get it. Yeah, go ahead, make my day. :)

I know this has to be so grueling and tiresome, but I am as amazed and proud as ever to see you pressing on and taking care of business. So glad the moles were benign, and it makes perfect sense to deal with them now. At least you know a full head of hair will take its place soon enough.

I wish all of you a great holiday weekend.


Anonymous said...

If it's not one thing, it's 20! Enough, already!!!!

Actually, temporarily having no hair may be another of G-d's gifts to never ever would have found that iffy mole in the normal course of events; yet now, you have...and will get rid of it.

The side-effects of the tamoxifen sound terrible...we'll be praying that these next 4 weeks whiz by for you.

Fred and I return to Shands this Thursday for his checkup...I never realized how long I could hold my breath until these trips started.....

We love you, and hope that Labor Day is a relaxing, fun-filled time.


Marilyn, Fred and Betty