Monday, August 18, 2008

A Change of Scenery...

We got the chance to get a change of scenery for a few days with my BIL J (and what a change it was.)

We headed to Julian, CA and indulged in all things Apple.

Apple Pie, Apple Cherry Pie, Apple Boysenberry Pie, Apple Cider,
Apple Caramel Pecan Pie, Apple Pancakes, Cinnamon Rolls, Cinnamon Twists, Maple Pecan Cinnamon Rolls and King Leo Toffee

We made it our mission to seek out the best tasting pie (and other sweet treats) -- which wasn't too hard. Everything was delicious.

Now, lest you think all we did was eat we did see all of the sights in town and out of town.

Which included:

The Stonewall Mine
Digging for tourmaline at the Himalaya Mine
(I happily sat under the canopy and caught glimpses of M & S's finds)

The Julian Museum
The Julian Cemetery
The Julian Jail
Lake Cuyamaca
The Santa Ysabel Casino (M & I had a "date night" -- thanks to J)

We had lots of opportunities to relax -- which gave me the time to read and write in my journal.

Here are a couple of things I wrote:

A change 0f scenery.
A chance to recharge and refresh.
A respite from doctors.
We marveled at the beauty outside our windows.

Kindred Spirits

A lone lady sat at a table at the neighborhood coffee house.
Her head covered in a khaki scarf mine in burgundy paisley.
I smiled at her as we approached the entrance.
She smiled back.
We shared a moment.
We exchanged simple pleasantries and then my family and I went on our journey.
Would I see her again?
What was her story?
Where was she on her journey?
Did she seek solace in this seemingly secluded place?
Does it matter?

The Julian Cemetery

Climbing the railroad tie steps bordered by an apple orchard we entered the old cemetery.
Seeing folks whose lives ended so long ago we said their names aloud as a way to honor them.
104, 98, 89.
Lots of soldiers from various wars.
Several infants and the Wolf Boy (still not quite sure about him.)
A big wind blew through the trees --
I closed my eyes and felt the wind around me enjoying the peace and serenity of this place.

We were all so grateful that we could take this trip and celebrate my being finished with Chemo.

Now that we are back I have been diligent about the treadmill -- maybe it is the inspiration of the plethora of older women athletes in the Olympics or the fact that I feel like a great big blob after all I ate while away -- whatever the case I am trying to get back into the daily exercise routine. I have started taking Tamoxifen -- so far nothing to report. I am hopeful it will remain that way.

Ancora Imparo


Anonymous said...

What a glorious mini-vacation you all enjoyed! We'll be glad when you have the time to journey to Florida...though we do recommend avoiding the seasons with heat and hurricanes!

Julian sounds like a very fulfilling place (accent on the "filling"...) and I do love apples...

How grand to hear that the Tamoxifen seems to be side-effectless. We, too, hope that your experience with this substance continues to be uneventful.

While you're on that treadmill, please walk a few extra miles for the 3 of us!!

We love you.

Marilyn, Fred and Betty

Anonymous said...

your writing is so beautiful and I can picture everything in my head. Thank you so much for taking on that mini-vacation with you and your sweet family!

Keep it up baby, you are doing so well!

with so much love,

Juls said...

I've been to Julian twice so I know how cool it is. I'm so glad that you all had a great trip. And those apple food options sound SO yummy. I'm hungry at the thought. MMMM... Apple pie...

joyce said...

Welcome home!!! Sounds like you have returned re energized and with a new found expertise on apples!!! The road ahead looks smoother than the one behind. Journey forward, with confidence, peace of mind as well as the never ending love and support of all of us.